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    My motorcycle, hiking, mountain biking, working out, the beach, FOOOD!, traveling, did i mention FOOOOD!~.....
  1. not seeing much improvement after a week. Lets see what happens by the end of this one.....
  2. I just bought a box. I am almost done with one applicator stick thing. I hope by the end of the treatment, my scars are somewhat gone.
  3. Thanks for the mood-lifter!! All i can do is try try try....... and see what works best and what dosnt!!
  4. I just broke out a few days ago.....CHILL OUT!!! Its NOT the end of the world. I feel like SHIT when im at the gym in the locker room. My fucken back is SOOO scared up. It looks like SHIT!.... NOT the end for me.....im just different from everyone else there. I just keep facing the world and smile at everyone i see.
  5. so where's this youtube video i was promised?? lol :)

  6. 1) Falling off a building and landing on a bike with NO seat! 2) Sliding down a slide lined with razor blades and landing in a pool of lemon juice... 3) Getting chased by the "horse-dog-man" 4) A paper cut on your eyeball....or eye lid....
  7. Same here. I havnt used it for a week. I broke out. I think i'll try a few tea tree drops as well....
  8. You say NO sugar.....but what about the sugar in the fruit??
  9. Jacjack.. whats up with eating ''raw garlic''? I think that will lesson my chance of getting a Girlfriend. LOL
  10. http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h233/dru...ek/DSCN1645.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h233/dru...ek/DSCN1643.jpg I use Save the Males for my face, and the Gloomaway for my body. The Gloomaway covers up ACV quite well!!!