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  1. lol, I'm not ignoring you :P

    Let people find out about the oils themselves :P

    And what did people read?

  2. Don't just ignore me. :| and your essential oils are magic. You should start a thread about them.

  3. I am.

    I won't say what we did with the flute though, but us banned campers spent lots of time on dem adult sites

  4. Oh and hello. Hope you're back from banned camp.

  5. Your oils really do work. However, how much do you think is too much? You use 1-2 drops for the whole face. Would 4 drops (undiluted) be bad you think?

  6. So, between 4-8 drops total (1-2 drops per essential oil)?

  7. I only blend them when they're at the end of the vial, so I mix it with a little water and consolidate them all lol

    Otherwise, I just use them separately.

    And like 1 or 2 drops for the whole face

  8. Question: do you blend up the essential oils, and how many drops? like, 3 of the blend or 3 of each?

  9. As long as there's a good outcome from it then that's all that matters eh brah :) - Thanks mate! - Well, most shows in NZL have a photographer / DVD. But like the most competitors we'd have in Nationals for example is like 100 +.. My show was 56 and only I got picked to do the universe in Germany this year!! I declined Q_Q rather bulk

  10. I know, but it healed quickly and I learned my lesson, so it ended up being good for the most part.

    GJDM on winning again. There's a DVD of it? So it was a larger comp then?

  11. That's ratshit mate. Last thing you want is an injury.. Or moving for that matter! Good mate, I am trying to gain slowly now, I competed already and won so I'm pretty stoked :D Hopefully get the DVD to show y'all!

  12. Pretty good brah, what's up?

    Training's been nonexistent this past month. Threw out my back at the beginning of the month, and even though it healed right away thank god, was busy preparing to move, so didn't have much time to lift.

    Looking for a gym today though.

    What about you man? How's comp prep going so far?

  13. Hey mate how's it going ? How's training? Still going hard?

  14. Weight gainers are definitely convenient, and you can always just make your own. They are nothing more than calorie dense meal replacements, possibly with some added amino acids. Just blend a multi vit, protein of choice, carb of choice (grind whatever into flour), and fat of choice. if the one you've noticed results with seemed to have more BCAA's, glutamine or something like that in their profile, these are dirt cheap ingredients if you buy them plain, so toss in a scoop of that. Just make sur