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  1. Hey, good words indeed. Random q b/c I tried to message you but you're inbox if full: what kind of sunscreen do you use? Do you have a really good one that doesn't sweat off and get all drippy but also doesn't cause you to break out? (but maybe not TOO strong so you can tan a little when in the sun).
  2. So I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for spot treatment after finishing accutane. I've got a few small pimples and was wondering what I should use to help them heal faster? I've read using a little OTC Benz Peroxide works well after Accutane. The pimples are like shallow red marks (and not like under the surface bumps) that have appeared since I stopped about a week ago. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I stopped about a week ago, and I was wondering what people who have finished do post-tane? Particularly, for the random pimple do you spot treat with anything like BP? Or just wash face? Thx for feedback!
  4. So you're about 45kg, so you should try to get at least 100 mg per kg you weight which would be 4500mg total. You've done 75 days at 40 mg, so that's 3000mg total. So, IF YOU CAN, and I agree with other people, it's worth sticking out, try to get at least 1500mg in your body total, which is 38 more days. Even better if you can stick it out a little longer than that. There's no exact science of course, but I think you could rest easier if you knew you at least got to 100mg/kg, which is what they
  5. I feel you on wanting to stop early. I'm very satisfied with things so I'm stopping at 5 months even though my derm wants me to do 6. I will have reached 110 mg/kg and I've read that for long term remission you should make sure to do at least 100 mg/kg cumulative (tho the more the better of course). Have you reached 100 mg/kg. Just multiply your weight in kg by 100 and that's the total dosage you should at least try to take.
  6. Yo Adrienne, sounds like it's going well. So you were able to get some color even with spf 28 on? Did you put on the sunscreen before all your time in the sun?
  7. Feel free to answer any one of the many questions above. Info on any of them would be great. Thx!
  8. Hey there, I'm a few weeks from finishing Accutane and while I've been pleased with the results I've got a few questions for ppl who have previously finished taken accutane: 1. How long after stopping does it take for the redness (aka "tane burn") to go away? Also, how long until the flushing and warm face goes away? 2. How long did it take for your skin to "feel normal" again? That could mean not super dry, oil production to return, or any other factors that changed from Accutane? Any sort o
  9. I spot treat with BP and it's not a big deal, just makes it pretty dry (which helps get rid of the pimple) so just don't use too much.
  10. Mine decreased slowly over time but I'm 4 months in and still a little flushed all the time.
  11. I'm on my first time through and in my 4th month and I'm mostly clear but sometimes get a large red spot usually on my chest, lower neck area so I think it's normal.
  12. My forehead is STILL a little red from getting sunburned before starting Accutane (which happened a few months ago and caused me to break out at the time, but now the pimples are gone but it's still a little red) and I was wondering if I should use some OTC .5% hydrocortisone cream to reduce the redness. The product I have is called Clinique Redness Solutions urgent relief cream. I know some of you ladies out must have used this Clinique product line. Main thing I'm worried about is it causing