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  1. Finished my course last monday (yay!) Since then I feel exactly the same as I did whilst on still on 'tane. I guess the oil hasn't come back yet. So giving it a little more. Overall i'm pretty happy with my course, i'm not *clear* by any means, but I have 0 active acne atm, just a lot of red marks (maybe it's just me but I could have sworn they've gotten worse since coming off tane) Assuming that they will fade eventually, I'll be in the clear, somewhat literally. I've still got a crazy amoun
  2. I don't have much to say about the Accutane, my derm said that i'd only need 4 months on it, and that is nearly over now. But at the same time I don't want to stop updating completely, now that I finally can again. So right now my skin is looking the same as it has for the last 3 weeks; 0 acne and a whole lot of red marks. One thing that I have learned throughout the treatment is that you really have to put things into perspective, I know there will be a case where someone takes accutane and b
  3. Agree with others, you seem really relaxed infront of the camera. Thanks for keeping updated throughout
  4. Thanks Deadbeat I'll check out the emu oil, definitely worth a shot. Right now my progress seems to of come to a standstill; i'm pretty sure all my acne is gone and the redmarks are just what remain now, definitely better than the acne looked to start with, but still not 'clear' as such. Something I may have forgotten to mention was that about 2 weeks ago, my dosage got reduced to 30mg down from 60, I guess it's pretty common in the last months to have it reduced (: I guess we'll just see wh
  5. Day [insert day here] Sorry for the extreme gap between this entry and the last, so much has been happening, and we haven't had internet at home for a while due to switching ISPs and such, so it's been difficult to get a moment to update. Recently (Last 3 weeks) I started noticing that I was super tired all the time, even after waking and this lasted the majority of the day. It's not that abnormal for me, since i'm never that full of energy to begin with, but enough for me to be concerned. Af
  6. Day 51 Sorry for the delay, was meant to update this a few days ago but work from college got in the way =( Yeah, so far in month 2 things have been going well, I got my dosage sorted out. Turns out that although they technically did *forget* to prescribe me 70mg, they're cool with me taking 60mg from now on anyway, it shouldn't make too much of a difference, or so I was told. Things have been going pretty well, the patches have cleared up almost 100% on my arms now with the new cream I got
  7. Hang in there. I know exactly how hard it can be not to pick/touch your face. It drives me crazy sometimes. I'll be reading as you update
  8. So I saw my derm this monday, he said he would "keep me on the same dose" and gave me some cream for the dry patches on my arms/hands, yet when I got the renewed prescription it had the dosage for 60mg on instead of 70? After i'd picked up my next months supply I rang my derm and asked if he'd made a mistake, and told me that I should keep taking 70 till I run out of 5mg pills then start on 60/day and it shouldn't make any difference at all. So that was a lot of unnecessary confusion! The crea
  9. Haha, oh god, what have I started.. But thankyou Missy ^^ Day 41 (I think?) Started school last wednesday and the workload is pretty heavy, but i'll try updating this as often as I do already (even though that isn't too much!) but i'll certainly try not to forget. I've been moisturising in the morning and right before bed, since I won't have time at all to do it while at school (9-4) but by about 2 I tend to start feeling really dry, some people have even said I looked ill =p Other than th
  10. This sounds like an awesome idea, I love sxephil. Absolutely hilarious guy. Hope to see the podcast around soon, if you decide to do it :)
  11. You have almost exactly the same sleep times as me But yeah, i've never been too good at getting to sleep. For the last 2 years at least, but it does seem to be worse on tane. It's not like any of the side effects are preventing me or anything, just have more trouble dropping off. Oh well, least I know i'm not alone now. Might do an update tomorrow, I start second year of college tomorrow (yay!) Wish me luck =\
  12. Best of luck, I can remember being pretty excited when I first started. Felt sorta like the beginning of the end, if that makes any sence Good luck once again!
  13. I've heard that month 3 seems to be where the results start to become really noticable. Thanks for the morale-boost, it's appreciated by me and i'm sure many more
  14. Days 25-32 I haven't intentionally ignored this, i've just had so much going stuff going on in my life it's been difficult to find time for it. My skin is almost the same as it was last time I updated over a week ago. Still putting off shaving for obvious reasons, though it's gonna have to happen in the next few days at least The main thing that's been bugging me though has been my forearms. They are crazy-itchy all the time, a few days ago I ran out of hydrocortisone for the eczema that I
  15. @ Deadbeat: Thanks for the support, yeah the bumps do seem on the way out now; they seem to be much smaller, and kinda scabbing over? It's pretty nasty really, but whatever, they don't hurt anymore As for the arms, i've been moisturizing them every 4-5 hours and they seem to be getting better. @Urban: I know, they are horrible, seriously. I have them on my neck/chin area, i've actually been putting off shaving for a while, since they seemed to be hurting so much the other day, that can't have