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  1. My skin is much better, still the occasional pimple every week, but my doctor is going to re prescribe it... I'm very nervous, what has happened to you after stopping?
  2. I'm losing my health insurance so I won't be able to afford my prescription medicine anymore, I'm wondering what the best alternatives to benzaclin and sodium sulfacedemiate cleanser (prascion cleanser) are.
  3. I use the wash in the morning and at night before bed, I use the benzaclin at night after I wash my face.
  4. hey bro how you doing with isopure zero carb any adivces of a good protein please?

  5. so im on tetracycline for like 8 months plus benzaclin and a sodium sulfur wash and its just killing my skin, its really dry/brown/flakey and just dead. i try to get it off with tweezers and a wet washcloth but i just want it all off, any ideas? something not harsh
  6. Like say how many days/hours? I am tired of blaming my zits on things I ate the day before, do they take longer than a day to come up? I had a bag of chips yesterday and woke up to 2 new ones so I'm wondering if it can happen that fast.
  7. lol, yes you idiot HGH will cause acne, you know this.
  8. Hey I'm wondering if anyone drinks this? I take tetracycline which is an anibiotic and the kombucha has pro-biotics so im wondering if I'm counteracting what the drug is doing Also in general has anyone who drinks this seen skin improvement or has it made acne worse
  9. epic bump, but im starting whey and so far so good. Isopure vanilla protein.
  10. i have some friends who model and they are absolutely jacked and cut and they swear by this brand so ive always wanted to take it, and I took ON before, strawberry and I'm pretty sure I got more acne from it who knows though.
  11. It's summer and I want to be out in the sun, I've never found a sunscreen to put on my face which doesn't make me break out so please don't suggest any. I was wondering how bad the sun burns are for people who have gotten one while on tetracycline? And also does the acne get worse during the first couple of weeks? I'm on my fourth day and so far so good..
  12. I am a 22 year old male, acne was never too bad for me but it's been getting worse the past few months. I wash my face with sodium sulfacetamine 10% and sulfur 5% cleanser 2x daily. I use benzaclin but I think it's starting to not work (ive been using it over 2 years). I take zinc and B5 daily. My diet is perfect. I don't drink milk either, I use rice milk. I drink two gallons of water a day, only purified. I do go tanning sometimes but it doesn't get any better when I stop, I also workout every