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  1. I experience back pain too, and it really does suck, but your the only person who can decide if the side effects are worth it. I just finish my first month, four days into my second month, and sleeping on my stomach or even laying with my head to the side can cause pain. I've read that people have had these problems and the pain went away during the course. It's up to you if you want to continue you with treatment. I've had acne for so long that a little back pain in substitution for clear skin
  2. I certainly hope that it completely goes away for life. It's only been 24 days for me, but so far I have extremely dry eyes and a dry nose, and horrible back pain. This pain better be worth it
  3. I was exactly like you. Had pimples a little bit of everywhere, but just tiny ones. Nothing big like cysts. When I heard of Accutane from my one friend who used it, I obsessed about being on it 24/7. I mean, to take a pill that would ocmpletely rid of your acne? Give you beautiful skin? I needed it. I switched doctors over the course of two years, looking for one who would possibly help me find something with results. When she finally offered me Accutane, I freaked out and told her no, and just
  4. Well I know replying to this post isnt going to help you with your prom dilemma, and I hope you found something that worked well, but for future reference I would say Bare Escentuals. It's a bit on the pricey side, but when I use that it's the LAST thing I would think of when it comes to acne. Everything with Bare Escentuals is powder, so nothing is liquid/pore-clogging. Their foundation is amazing and so is their concealer. I, also, have to worry about concealer/foundation when it comes to skin
  5. Hey, I feel like I totally know you because I have the same problem! I have mild-moderate acne on my chin, forhead, and a little on my back. NOTHING worked. I am going on Claravis (generic form of Accutane) and I admit I am a bit scared. I am waiting till after my vacation to Florida, due to it causing extreme sun sensitivity. I have my doubts. The side effects definetly scare me. But if having clear skin is something you really want, go for it. I dont know about you, but waking up one day WITHO
  6. I am going on Claravis (generic form of Accutane) and when you finish the treatment does your skin rehydrate? Meaning, the intense dryness and tightening goes away, riiiiiight?
  7. I've never actually heard of anything like this pertaining to Accutane, but that's not to say it couldn't be true. I'm going on it in about 3 weeks and I certainly hope it isnt! I'm 5'8 at the moment, but I wouldn't mind growing a little.
  8. I have never heard of this kind of symptom from an acne medication, but it's very possible! Medicines all affect us differently, and with any kind of medication you take, there's ALWAYS going to be side effects/symptoms
  9. Aveeno! It's definetly a bit expensive (well, if you consider 10-12 dollar sunblock expensive) but it works wonders! I'm naturally very fair- I'm talking porcelain skin. I put it on only once one day when I was out in the sun for a long period of time (I was stupid and never reeaplied) and I didn't get burned! Don't do what I did though and not reeaply every two hours- I got lucky
  10. I started using this while on Accutane and it worked great. Now that I'm off I still continue to use it as it heals dry lips and protects them. And it looks as if I am wearing lip gloss! I have a question. Are your lips still really dry from Accutane? Did you mean the dryness never went away, even after the course?
  11. I've been taking Vitamin A every day for the past eight months and nothing changed for my skin. However, the only things that have benefited are my hair and nails. They grow quickly, which, for a person who is horrible at keeping long nails, is wonderful!
  12. Thank you so much for your advice. But you didn't answer my question on HOW bad the dryness is. I've experienced the usual dry skin during winter, but I'm just curious on how bad it gets during Accutane. I've heard stories that it gets so bad people can't even talk or won't even leave their houses...Yikes! :|
  13. Eh, I know. Body acne is a bitch in general. But you could always use some non-oily concealer for your chest and then use a strong body cleanser to wash it off.
  14. Ah, same! Face, back, and maybe one or two on my chest. So far, I've gotten rid of my chest acne with a couple topicals. To me, the bacne is worse. I can always conceal my face..but my back is such an inconvenient spot!
  15. Is this true: The less your skin is horrible (only mild-moderate), the quicker and prettier your results from Accutane are? My doctor said since my acne is so mild, I would be clearer in only a matter of days.