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  1. The people in high school and their younger years who are geeks and stay in doing nothing, never experiencing anything turn out to be losers for the rest of their life. The people going through hardship, something like acne tht knocks confidence a lot, BUT still goes out and faces the world, still talks to guys/girls, always turn out to be the charismatic person that everyone wants to be around, someone who truly understands people. so what is todays curse, is 2moro's blessing. Still go out and
  2. anything we say isnt going to make u feel better about yourself, or even worse. Your feelings come from within, and you have to address that. Theres nothing wrong with you, you don;t hav two heads, you are not a monster!! so there is no reason to see yourself as one, try seeing a therapist, tell your doctor about these feelings.
  3. vaseline seems to be too greasy to use on lips, and can just give u more spots, it gave me about 5 around my mouth, also its rele ineffective, no matter how much i use it my lips are always very dry at best. Aqueous cream or diprobase works perfectly, my lips arent dry anyore. If you get depressed go to a herbalist and find a supplement called tryptophan, or preferablly 5HTP which is the catalyzed version of tryptophan. Accutane depletes serotonin in the brain, which causes depression, and these
  4. I started on 40mg a day for the first month, 2nd month moved to 60mg a day. Nd i'm not saying dont take it, if your severe then go for it. just be prepared is all i'm sayin, it goes away afterwards, nd also u may not get the hair thinning, u might get ridiculously dry eyes or whatever, it varies. I dont think you lose your hair, it is just very thin for a few months.
  5. YOoooooo guys, i've had severe acne for about 3 years now, the kind tht dibilitates confidence completely, and i got sick of it, so now i'm on accutane. I'm 17 and in month 2, i am now on 60 mg and going up to 80mg next month. Before taking it i was prepared for the side effects, thinking it was worth the pain to finally rid myself of acne forever. It has done an amazing job, my face is completely clear, only hyperpigentation left nd even thts faded majorly, my back is still breaking out but is
  6. Yeah i know exactly what you mean, also can i slap ur mum? thts so mean!!! (no offence) but the good thing with little kids is you can beat them up fairly easily after they say it lol. i started on 40mg for my first month, i'm on 60mg now, nd goin up to 80 in my next month. Aloe vera has done a great job at healing scars to anyone hu needs help with tht! thnx for the replies guys
  7. also how did you almost die? i'm a lil worried coz i'm on accutane and experiencing many of the bad effects : /
  8. I've been on both and Retin A is much better, although there both almost equally shit. Receptors in the skin dont respond nearly as well to topical retinoids such as Isotrex, and the chances of it working are low. Differins success rate is considerably higher if u wanna give that a try. If it were the case of all the good effects without the bad ones, why would people use Accutane
  9. Look on the types of acne section, tht should tell u in more detail what it is
  10. To all the people suffering with severe acne my heart goes out to u guys, i've had it for the last 3-4 years and its been hell, but also great at the same time, because now i dont feel self concious, or worried in social situations, and i feel such a greater understand of ppl and life, its awesome. SAo in a way i am thankful for all that has happened....being called pizza face while i'm with my girlfriend, having people who dont rele kno me bring it up in front of a bunch of ppl embarassing the
  11. Because you've got quite a lot of trapped puss there i'd suggest going for a facial, they'll get rid of it which will make the spots go down alot faster. None of them are big enough to permanently scar. I reckon Accutane is the best course of action for you though, it'll dry em out, you shouldnt get any new spots once the oil glands shrink, as yours look like they are mainly caused by oily skin. fight on brother!!
  12. Yes you definetly can get Roaccutane at 15, i'm 17 and had severe acne since 15, i spent many many long months trying lots of different treatments that my doctor and i both knew would not work. Plus antibiotics do more bad then good to your body, acne can be caused alone by an unhealthy gut, which antibiotics can cause. I am now on Accutane and it has done wonders after only a month in, my skins never felt so nice, there are side effects but if your skin is tht bad is definetly worth it. you ar
  13. It says not to exfoliate at all when on accutane, as the skin cannot handle it, does this mean you cant shave?
  14. I'm guessin u live in the Uk aswell, seein as you had to wait 5 months for a derm appointment, I've just started aswell, i'm on day 5, you'd be on, day 8?? Let me know how its goin. Also, your quite lucky with the scarring thing, you wont have any once your treatment course is done, also the skin on ur face isnt tht bad, but if your worried about ur back nd chest i can see why you'd wanna go on roaccutane. i hate going to the gym all the time, but not being able to go topless anywhere, it sucks
  15. Green tea contains no caffeine, how could it possibly give you insomnia?