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  1. atleast your confident bro, good on you for not letting it get you down. acne can absolutely crush peoples souls and turn them into emotional wrecks who live their lives as virtual hermits. truly saddening. thankfully you haven't let it get to you in this way and you shouldnt. i know you want it to go away and it probably will in years to come, so until then best thing to do is to just push the through of it out of your mind and keep living life or as others have suggested..accutane.
  2. ur skins not too bad bro, mines about the same at mo as im having a mini breakout which comes along every month or so, i went through the same phase ur going through for many years of my life with just being depressed and blowing it up to be a bigger thing then it seems. you see it is all in your head, your the one who thinks it is so bad, ask anyone else and they will tell you it doesnt look so bad and then you reject their claims and think they must be lieing to you. i went through it all my
  3. only way to get over it is doing it, i was the same in the past not liking to stand up in front of people. id have have my chest beating,dry throat and my stomach in knots but as i did it more and more it got easier. i find its best to just think what your gonna say out just before you get up and have a sense of where your gonna go with what your talking about, this helps to stop your mind going blank and doing "the pause" which everyone standing in front of a crowd of people dreads. if your sp
  4. substitute it for the moisturizer for a few weeks and see how you like it, best thing i have found is to apply the BP then wait for it to dry then put on a layer of the oil, thing is it makes your face shiny though, so i wait a few minutes to let it go into my skin then use some tissue to rub (dont actually rub just pat it off) the top shiny layer off my skin so theres no shine.
  5. professional make up team must work wonders if she had "severe acne"....more likely mild acne blown out of proportion. and yes shes 18 now.
  6. same for me, i can go through periods of much socializing where ill be out every friday/sat/sun for most of day or i can go the whole weekend doing nothing but lazing around the house playing videogames/reading/general surfing the web. makes no difference to me.
  7. im an introvert. i find it hard to small talk with people i dont personally know (no common ground so nothing to speak about) and obviously find it hard approaching girls. thats why i drink before social situations, i dont get drunk i just go borderline so my inhibitions are lowered and i find it easier to converse with people.
  8. You will respect my authority! lol

    1. id just quit and find a new job, no point working under that sort of conditions and someone like that, especially for that shitty wage.
    2. i got pretty bad eyes, dunno the values my eyes are but i got astigmatism in one eye and i currently wear contacts, FKING LOVE CONTACTS. i may get this done at some point in the future but it would be like 10 years or more from now, the great thing is as time goes on they refine their methods and it gets a lot cheaper and safer.
    3. ive had acne for around 8 years now i believe. sucks.
    4. numerous types of BP numerous SA washes green cream diacneal numerous face scrubs/washes numerous clearasil products some topical antibiotic from doctors very long time ago which i forget name of probably spent 2 to 3 grand or so over the years
    5. Or to translate, it's easier to market and make billions and easier to change the formulation so it doesn't work as good as the original is what they probably mean :mad: yea make it so it works *just good enough* so that we have to keep returning to the store to buy another tube :wall:
    6. no it means quite fking true quoted for truth etc...
    7. they've been suckered into thinking dirt causes acne, so using products like clearasil and proactive are the only things you need, but acne is a DISEASE, caused by your facial glands making excess sebum oil and improper shedding of skin cells, both cant be washed away simply using water and a chemical cleaning product, if they could this website wouldn't exist. wish i was there to give them some real knowledge on a subject they are obviously ignorant about.