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  1. Hey there. I just read your Accutane blog. How is it all going now? Had any improvement since you picked? I'm three weeks into my course, and I've noticed that everything heals really slowly as well. :( Anyway, Peace!

  2. hey hows it going? first other "ontarian" i've found on here! lol, j/w if you have any pictures of your progress? i find that's the easiest way to see any improvement? good luck w/ your accutane adventure :)

  3. Day 132: UPDATE! So my skin is getting right back on track! Everything has healed up, rather then some dark marks where some nasty wounds where. I guess my picking did have some effect.. the particularly nasty comedones are gone and what remains is manageable. Skin is looking great overall though. My right cheek bone seems to be finally done, so that is also great. That area had been non-stop the entire treatment and to finally know it is finished trying to fight the 'Tane is an awesome feeling!
  4. One of the many downsides of Accutane... the fragile, pathetic, weak skin.... I had two instances of this happening. One, was recently and it was also a bug bite, from cutting the grass. It was on my neck thank god, but it became HUGE! And also took a while to go away. The second was from the start of my course.. I was letting the dog out and WHAM!! I smacked my forehead with the door.. it left a huge mark/bruise/raised-pimple-looking-spot that took weeks to go away! The red mark last about a
  5. Yeah Jess it does suck. Accutane is a struggle, but I still have 8 weeks left and hopefully I will see alot of improvements! Thank god the marks on my face right now are currently self-inflicted, rather then the result of a breakout, if you know the difference. I am just going to try my best and leave my skin alone for an entire week, and just avoid mirrors, and hopefully I will be right back on track on how I was doing. The best of luck to you! - CoreyDB Day 128: Picked AGAIN last nig
  6. Day 127: My skin hasn't been this bad in years. I just don't know what to do now. I am sure it's because I picked, but god, it's terrible, and is healing way too slowly. I am pretty down and out right now and just not sure what to do about this all. I really hope things take a turn for the better. I have to go to work soon. Ugh. This sucks. Life sucks. Peace.
  7. Hey guys! I am CoreyDB, and I am on my 5th month of Accutane (just started the 5th month.. Week 16..). I have seen some improvements in my skin, but I am still far from clear. So I will keep the post simple, how long did it take you guys who have finished courses to clear up? Also reply if you didn't clear up completely and what happened? Thanks alot!! Also check out my log at: CoreyDB's Accutane Log! The last few posts there should give some insight into where I am exactly in my course and
  8. Day 125: Hey guys! So Prom was awesome! Had a great time! My Acne got better like an hour before I went and I had a blast!! Here is a little shot from me getting on the Prom Bus!! Corey all dressed up!: Anywho, regarding my face, is an interesting, harrowing story... So I don't have anything lined up for the next couple of weeks, and I have/had become increasingly annoyed by my Comedones. As I had been mentioning my face was improving, but I was/am still getting breakouts. And these brea
  9. Day 121: So prom is tommorow. And I broke out a bit on my jaw and cheek and one spot on the side of my forehead! DOH! (I broke out yesterday so at least I have a day and a half to heal up a bit)... Anywho I did the forbidden, the terrible, the one thing thou shall not do!..... I purposely sunburnt myself.... I do not reccommend this, but I had no option. It was fourth and 20 and I had to go deep. My face is looking better already, and while I may regret this on the weekend, at least the chance
  10. Day 109: IT IS FINALLY HERE!! MOVIE TIME! ENJOY! (It is split into two parts due to an odd Youtube rule which prohibits the uploading of movies longer then 10 minutes). Day 100 (109..) Part 1: ">
  11. Good job on the great skin Carmelle! Feels great doesn't it! ! Yay!!
  12. I agree with both Tommy and Carmelle! I am now on Day 109 and haven't had any new actives in a couple days, and while it isn't as significant as where you two are at, it feels amazing! ! Accutane kicks Acne's ass any day! Yay! Life is improving again!
  13. Day 108: Still on friends computer. My comp should be back (again!) tommorow! Will have update and video then hopefully!!! Sorry guys! Prom is this Friday by the way! Face is still improving! Haven't picked, and no new actives for a few days! Yippee!
  14. Day 107: Computer still broken. On a friends laptop. I will be getting mine back sometime this week. Sorry! Face is doing great by the way!