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  1. Okay ^ _ ^ u kno how to work fax? will send certificate ASAP

  2. Rob, you're so dreamy! *swoon*

  3. I hate the taste and smell of ACV, I've tried drinking it several times in the past few years, and lately this week I've been forcing it down. Today I put ACV and a little bit of agave into carbonated water, honestly, it tastes good.. I'm going to start drinking it regularly for no other reason than the taste. (I have a seltzer maker) It tastes like apple soda, it doesn't have the sharp vinegar taste that makes me gag, I think the fizz hides the vinegar taste, I'm not really sure, maybe agave
  4. Pretty sure I saw ABG say she freezes them peeled too..... Awesome I'm going to go stock up tomorrow.. 49 cents a pound, can't beat that... I just moved to eastcoast and bananas seem way more expensive out here, so I need to act on this price hah.
  5. My grocery has bananas on sale atm for super cheap.. Should I freeze them and take them out and blend them once they thaw or is it cool when they are frozen? Any tips here? Also does frozen banana add a different texture than a normal banana? Also do you guys freeze yours peeled or unpeeled?
  6. I just moved so I'm in complete control of my diet, so I've started blending.. Almost everything hah.. Anyone try this? http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Grass-Superf...1247&sr=1-1 Been using it for a few days, I like it. It adds that extra umph to my smoothies that make them taste more nutritious. I have only had jamba juice once or twice, but when I did they had something in it that made it seem more textured, than the smoothies I made at my house. This really adds that extra taste / texture

  8. After you upload the new photo for your avatar, you have to hit refresh on your browser, they always get distorted until you hit refresh on your browser.
  9. Mine's about 30-45 minutes.... If they care about you, they won't care. I know when I do my regimen I'm not sitting around staring in the mirror, I'm usually multitasking. I guess most guys (Maybe even a large amount of women would too) would be shocked by any routine over 15 minutes though. Everyone has quirks though, this is a positive one imo.
  10. You lack comments.