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  1. ^ Oh, is it happening to everyone too? I find that this may contaminate the oil.
  2. After I started using the new bottle of Jojoba oil I bought from Dan. I think the bottle opening is leaking. When I turn the "cap" 90 degrees to dispense the oil, the oil leaks out from the sides. There's a slit opening at the side. Is mine a faulty bottle or does it happens to everyone?
  3. Another product update: Changed my day moisturiser to Nuxe Creme Fraiche Light. It's highly raved in the SG forums. Seems to have pretty good oil control. Still using A'kin's one in the night. Hope to see some improvements in scars soon. And Currently using Paul and Joe Fluid Foundation N as a tinted moisturiser if I plan to wear any make up. It gives pretty sheer coverage for a liquid foundation, it's more like a tinted moisturiser imo. Hope to try Creme Etincelante with acids soon!
  4. Another update: I have changed my night moisturiser to A'Kin Rose Day Cream. It helps the fading of scars and not too oily since I'm only using it at night. A few days after using this, breaks out a little but I'm now cleared already. Might be slight purging from the Vit A.
  5. Morning update: I had a new zit on my left cheek yesterday, yet to recover though. 2 small zits on my forehead as well. I notice there's always a few white heads on my forehead.
  6. Good luck on the regimen! We are waiting to see your improvement. Everyone's been raving how good the jojoba oil is. Perhaps I should try it sometime.
  7. Morning update: I have an inflamed blackhead on the right cheek. It's been there for a few days, not much change. Have a new red zit near my lips. Mental reminder not to apply lip balm before I go to sleep. I think it gives me zits near my lips. It's okay to apply it in the day though.
  8. Morning update: Tried the heliocare gel + DPP + blusher combination yesterday. No new outbreaks or zits today which is a good sign. I think my skin needs some time to get use to it. Anyway, doing my Lycopene Pectin Enzyme Peel Mask.
  9. Don't be frustrated. I'm sure the regimen will work out for you. It takes time. I'm a year into the regimen and I still break out. Mistake on my part for stopping the regimen. It takes 2 or 3 months for the skin to get use to the regimen, I'm sure your skin will look even better in another month or so! Keep it going.
  10. Morning update: Surprise surprise! No new zits, some of the old ones are recovering as well. Doing my Lycopene Pectin Enzyme Peel mask. Today is day 3 of testing out the heliocare gel sunscreen + DPP combination. Will monitor and update again.
  11. Night update: I might be breaking out a bit, not sure it's the sunscreen or the powder. Shall monitor for a few more days.
  12. Updated with photos: These are taken today after my usual regimen + heliocare sunscreen and Ettusais DPP, no concealer. Actually the photos are kind of blurry so the spots aren't obvious but actually they can still be seen. Right cheek Whole face
  13. Update: No new zits today. Old zits are still recovering, one got worse, the rest looks slightly better. Mental note to increase application of sunscreen by a little (applied too little yesterday). Should be good news that the heliocare + Ettusais DPP did not worsen my condition nor did they improve. Will continue to monitor and updates with photos of the heliocare + DPP combination later.
  14. Applied the heliocare suncreen gel and Ettusais day protect powder for about 5 hours today. Skin stay matt through out, both don't dry out my skin which is a good sign. Still monitoring to see if it's suitable for me after a few days. Will update again.