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  1. Today my mom calls me and tells me to look at this website to see if I wanted to get some kind of laser treatment to replace the Accutane I'm on. I really don't know about how this works or anything, but how she explained it to me sounded pretty good. I just wanted to get an opinion by people who have more knowledge about this than I do. I've pretty much been suffereing from acne since 7th grade and I'm a senior now. I've been on accutane for almost 3 months now. I mostly have a lot of leftove
  2. I've been on accutane about 2 months now and it seems now that the few pimples I get now leave dark red marks behind when there gone! It really sucks and I was just wondering if theres anything I can use to to help them heal better without leaving the marks? I heard aloe vera maybe? thnx
  3. Does anyone recomemend using it? I've heard some things about it and I was wondering if it's worth buying? I'm on accutane and a lot of my acne is going away but now I'm left with red marks all over my cheeks.
  4. I've just started on Accutane about a week and a half ago and my doctor didn't give me much information on what to do besides take the pill. I get occasional breakouts all over my face and neck but I mostly have a lot of red marks on my cheeks and I get cysts(I think that's what there called) along my jaw line. I also have severe acne on my shoulders, chest, and back. Just recently I started breaking out under my chin and along the front of my neck. But my question is what should I be doing to