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  1. The morning urine definitnely does have a smell. It tingled a little bit to the small area I tried it on. This was my second application, first with morning urine. Haven't really seen any effects.
  2. PS. For those just curious, urine contains mostly water, potassium, creatinine, urea, sodium. It can contain traces of other things such as what is metabolized and subsquently excreted by the kidneys; an example of this would be amiodarone or other types of meds. Your urine should have a smell to it, if it doesn't it means you're overhydrated which is fine. If it feels it burns a little, it's normal because urine is actually quite acidic by topical standards (reference 4.5-8.0 pH). Finally,
  3. I don't have a problem with urine; I'll give it a try tonight when my urine is a bit more diluted, reason being I'd rather start small instead of risking a severe reaction.
  4. Thanks for your post. Your pictures resemble mild hypertrophy scar tissue. There's probably nothing "inside" of each bump but hard tissue your body used to regenerate. What you can do to bridge your time until you get your doctor's recommended treatment is to avoid shaving against the grain of your facial hair. Cortisone shots probably won't work in this case because there is no inflammatory response to control. They can be quite painful (remember how much cysts hurt?) but with everyone i
  5. For the lay person, gentle is always better. No product can ever match the protection your skin provides. Because you have tried so many types of products, it's best to try a non-medicated formula if you think it'll work. Remember the key step in controlling acne is keeping your skin healthy - so eat well, exercise (I know I know, it's been oversaid), and helop the skin from the outside... that is, moisturize! It's important to note that studies continue to suggest benzyl peroxide is not b
  6. The human inflammatory system is a highly specialized method of attacking foreign invaders (bacteria), containing it (creating that hard, cyst shell), and treating it (white blood cells, chemotaxis, etc). How to speed up the process? A great doctor I work with always says there's the three basic things you can do: 1) Attack the cyst from the surface with BP, tea tree oil - topical stuff. 2) Empty the cyst 3) Control your body's inflammatory response with oral antibiotics, cortisone shots, etc
  7. I'll try to answer your question. So, you had a huge cyst, it drained, scabbed, new granulation tissue grew over it, now it's a slightly raised bump - but smaller than the original cyst. When a cyst develops, what usually happens is trauma to surrounding areas. Depending on what areas (and just generally luck), the cyst will tunnel and inflame other areas as well. What I suspect in your case was a large cyst that extended below the hair follicle. It is possilbe this cyst has pushed other a
  8. No, I've never popped a cyst with a head. I always dig them out and pop them. lol, that sounds gross.
  9. From what you showed us and according to Habif (2004), I'd say moderate. Has anyone posted this before?
  10. I agree that Dr. Redmond's blanket statement is a bit too much. There has been increasing research suggesting acne vulgaris is an autoimmunity.
  11. If I put the full scale pic up you would mistake it for Australia.
  12. You'd be surprised at how many patients have acne as one of the most 'severe' factors in diagnosing depression.
  13. I'm going to be rich. I found an uncharted country, and it happens to be right next to my nose! I sure hope I'll strike "oil"!