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  1. oilyness= 3 Proactive so far works for me 1 of 5 times ive tried it. it seems to work now that im off accutane and im 99% clear, and use head and shoulders on any body acne.
  2. the ointment type that is petroleum when it gets warm from my face runs like water. This is the reason I say to use the white type because it stays where you put it when you spot it on. You can also use the small square bandaids. I get them cheap at wal-mart. Put some on it and cover your large marks or zits and they clear up fast because they are covered. Leave them on all night.
  3. make sure its the pain relief neosporin and not the normal kind that is petroleum like vaseline. it clogs your pores more
  4. I tried it off and on for about 5 years now that im done with accutane it works 95%
  5. I have a zit now right on the bottom eyelid about a millimeter from my eyeball. What should I do.
  6. I recently tried using proactiv for about the 4th time and it actually works now. WOW after 4 years. My new problem is that I have huge pores on my nose which are SLOWLY getting smaller. I was wondering if there was any way to speed up the process. I am also wondering if the skin will return to normal or if the pores have been stretched for so long they will remain like that. thanks.