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  1. this picture and link should be removed. Not only is it extremly upsetting to view, i also think WE should not be adding to the viewing list. Whatever this guy has my thoughts and best wishes are with him and the ones who love him. Lets please, remove this link.
  2. I think you are personally doing the right thing. Though people on this board seem to think a red face is the norm i can tell you and so will most good dermatologists that a red, irritated face isn't good or healthy and really shouldn't be a factor in helping to dertermine if the regimen is working. When i started this regimen my face went so red and felt hot all the time that i hated the way it looked, almost as much as without acne. Irritating the skin doesn't help the healing process or cur
  3. Let me say that i have been using BP for years now and though i like the effect (no acne) i hate (HATE) that it causes dry skin. I have around the edges of my mouth laughter lines that look so deep and etched. I hate it. It makes me look and feel alot older than i am. I'm 24 years old and have the skin of a 35 year old man (around my mouth). Not attractive. Of course when i stop using BP the wrinkles go away, and the acne comes back...you decide.
  4. Hi Mate. Guess you could always go get a cosmetic face peel. They cost about £30-80 ecah and most people usually need a course of about 2-5 to see really good results. Or the web site www.skinculture.com where you can do it at home. That would really get rid of the red spots, but it isn't cheep and you would need the 4000 skin peel. I haven't heard of the product you mentioned so i can't comment. Tell you something, it is great that your St Ives scrub and no BP is woking with no new pimples.
  5. Sorry Lee if i upset you. We all appreciate your comments and i did not mean to offend you with anything i said. If your routine is working for you than that is brilliant. Truly. Oxy pads for me make my skin stink and red and i hate that. Plus anything with alcohol in makes my skin have a backlash effect, meaning it produces too much oil to counter the effects of the alcohol. But everyone is different. I really appreciate your comments and hope your routine keeps working for you. Just as a thou
  6. Hi Mate, whiteheads aren't actually assoicated with Bacteria so the BP might not be of that much help. Same as with Blackheads. I suggest going to the Derm or Doc to see what they say. Pimples, etc...are caused by P Acnes (the bacteria) but whiteheads are traped oil with no bacteria association. Don't know if this helps, but might lead you into the right direction. Also, i'm assuming your a man, who do you shave? wet or dry? dry is best with acne, at least i think so, and causes far less "trauma
  7. Hi. You do post a lot of questions dont you mate! Ok, firstly as i have mentioned before, please stay away from things like alcohol as these will do nothing for your skin but hurt it and make it more red. These red marks (which i used to have) are probably ickle spots that may never come to the surface. Mine didn't. You must exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate again! But you are doing this aren't you with the St Ives scrub (how is that going?) so it may take a while. QUESTION: Did you have thes r
  8. Hey Prob, the problem i see with the acnediet (i actually bought the book about two years ago) is that when introducing anything back into your diet, your skin will breakout. At least mine did. When you go to the extreme of eating large amounts of fruit, salad (water rich food) your body is getting a great clean out and then anything "processed" will be seen as "poision" (for want of a better word) and will be processed far differently than if you were eating an apple. I under stand your frustra
  9. Yes there are side effects to Ret A only half of the people that use it can stick with it. Red, burning skin is the main side effect, but as mentioned it only happnes to 50% the rest are fine. Yes it can help with scaring but you may want to consider seeking laser treatement or perhaps a deeper peel www.skinculture.com this is an at home skin treatment that really works however, it is harsh, you will need to be home for at least 1 week. Peels only really work if your acne is no longer present as
  10. Good luck mate, i would be interested to see how it turns out.
  11. I agree gtfarley ... and the oxy pads contain high amount of alcohol so no wonder your alergic to everything mate.
  12. You dont actually say what you do with these salts. Wash with them? Use them as a scrub? Bath in them? Eat them? Some explaination might be nice. Thank you.
  13. Hey if you want to reduce reddness use Baking Soda as your scrub rather than St Ives. It will calm down the reddness, promise. Also, don't use any products that contain Alcohol. If you like in America there is a great product called Paula's choice 1-2% BHA exfoliant. Try it, smooth skin, not dryness, and no reddness. Let me know... Icklemoley.
  14. Dermalux works by killing the bacteria on and in the skin. Just the same as BP does. YOU WILL STILL NEED TO FIND AN EFFECTIVE EXFOLIANT to aid in skin celling shedding (Neutrogena clear pore or MAC Oil Control Lotion) AND OIL ABSORBING MASK (Milk of Magnesium) TO USE IN COMBINATION, AS YOU WILL WANT TO TREAT ALL STAGES OF THE PIMPLES LIFE. The replacement bulbs cost about £80 so not cheap, but two yeas is good. Also they do continue to glow, just the output is compromised. I have heard no bad
  15. Getting back to the point, lemon juice twice daily does work. It works by thining the bile in your system. that is all i know, but it does work and work good too!