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  1. hey i hear u im taking doxy at the mo, ang using duac, but i still get cycts and i just randomly thought hey lets try this so i type this now with doxy paste on, lets see.
  2. panoxyl is way too harsh try duac same strength bp but not as harsh its also got clindamycin (antibiotic) in, panoxyl destroys your face.
  3. hey guys has anyone ever opened up an antibiotic capsule and used the powder to make a paste and apply it topically? not sure if it would even penertrate the skin or it may just pee the area off, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. hey im in the uk to, and i no how use less some gp's can be, why not try to get a weeks course of antibiotics, ive tried the ibuprofen gel and it burnt my face off. i suffer from large cysts also and have tried all kinds of lotions and potions and found nothing that helps, my best advice is to leave it alone 100% put nothing on it go the docs get some antibiotics, and then ask for them on a permanent basis if its a permanent problem ie tetracycline. doxycycline. good luck.
  5. hey all ive suffered with acne for around 15 yrs and like all its a pain in the butt! im currently using oxytetracycline and duac with only 50% success better than nothing i no but i also use lavander to spot treat but its not the best. Ive read about peaople using ipuprofen topically and wondered if any one had tried it and was it any good or bad? cheers
  6. hey, yes the pure oil , but just as a on the spot,and its been ok so i wanted to try a wash to see how i get on, im using cliniques extra strength soap combined with duac , my face is feeling it. ive seen zum soap but i cant get it in the uk, ill give that site a look and let u no how i get on ive used tea tree in the past but didnt agree with that at all , lavender seems alot less harsh.
  7. hey there ive been experimenting with pure lavender oil, and it hasnt been too bad and i wanted to try a lavender soap or wash, ive had a look around and theres quite a few, just wondering has anyone used any and if so what did you think?
  8. i used doxy for a few months and that stoped working and also tetracycline then that stopped, ive had a break for a few months my skin is awful ive started back on doxy but no luck yet.
  9. absouloutley shite. ive tolerated shit all week at work and today i just couldnt face it so ive phoned in sick, dosent matter how much i tell myself it dosent matter, dont let acne beat me or to simply tell anyone who makes any sort of comment to f---k off, it allways wins no matter what. 14 yrs you think id be use to it by now. Acne comes from the darkest regions of hell.
  10. i completly understand where your coming from, acne has consumed and spoilt my life, the things i have missed, turned down simply because i cant deal with it. Its really messed my head up i am becoming a recluse.
  11. I no how youre feelin, its a frustrating problem, im at the point where i dont want to go to work, im isolating my family as i feel so concious, acne sucks big time!!!
  12. Hey i havnt been on here in a while simply because ive been trying really hard to put acne to the back of my mind, ive been putting up with it for 13 yrs and i thought if i cant cure it then maybe i should try to forget about it instead, but ive found it impossibe and im now nursing a brand new out break and to say im annoyed is an understatment, i think whats most frustrating is you try so many things and nothing works its incredable demoralising, ive got work tommorow, i cant have any more tim
  13. Hey sorry youre felling shitty right now acne is a pain in the arse, i agree with the other reply avoid mirrors and harsh light( mirrors are like the devil). Im constantly lookin in them , hoping things are better, i now its hard but try to be positive , research on the net ,book another derm appointment, if some thing dosent work say bollocks to it and try something else, im sittin here now with a manuka honey and cinnamon mask on, and yes i feel like tool, i have been in your situation many ma
  14. Hey i had this done last year for the exact same reason, thought i would clear out my insides, it was a waste of time and money it did nothing good for my skin, and its not very pleasent either my advice save your money and dignity and dont bother, but its your decision.
  15. yeah the pills do absouloutley nothing for oily skin thats a pain in the arse it self, i was given du-ac to work alongside tetracycline, again that seemed to work ok the combination worked quite well, the thing im finding with antibiotics is they work for approx 3 months then they seem to give up and everything starts coming back i switched to doxycycline atfer 3 months on tetracycline and they worked, and after 3 months back to tetracycline again, and it worked again and ive just switched back