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  1. Hi im a boy and thanks to acne now im not shallow so what i like about girls, appart from the look that matters but its not the only thing, is their sense of humor, inteligence, interests which are similar to mine, etc... i like outgoing girls, shy girls, strange girls..... every women has its special thing. byebye
  2. i apply 100% aloe vera gel as an after shave. Also i put it in the refrigerator so when u apply it to ur face its great to feel the freshness. maybe u also can try shaving every two days and of course change ur razor blade every 5-7 shaves depending on how thick is your facial hair,,, byebye
  3. i love when i manage to sleep a lot and have crazy dreams... there are the best i love reading and i love playing soccer and i love not been a fucking shallow person (the only positive aspect of acne) bye
  4. Ok,, if i wouldn´t have acne my life will be: Wake up 8AM breakfast and leave the house, shower and shave every day (because i can´t shave everyday with ance FUCK), let me hair grow (it makes pimples in my forehead), read a lot (sometimes i can´t focus because acne is on my mind), gym-boxing-soccer-tennis (at the moment i only practise soccer because when i swept i have t go take a damn shower and if not i develop pimples and become very self counscious of the potential pimples im developion
  5. if i shave slowly, after a good showers , not every day but every 3 days, and using aloe vera as an aftershave... i find out shaving helps to my acne because it remove the dead cells that acumulates if u let your beard grow bye
  6. Hi everyone Last weeks i let my beard grow a little because i have that zit in my left side and didn´t want to irritate it because i had a date on friday. Well, about wednesday or thursday (9 days without a shave) my skin started developing little pimples under my beard... when i shaved at friday my skin got much better thou I think this osccurs because shaving remove some dead cells from our skin ... what u guys think??? bye
  7. I put 100% aloe vera gel to my face as an after shave. Its really nice to put it on the refrigerator so when you apply it is cold and calms down your skin after shaving.. I never had razor bumps but this helps me to control the irritation that shaves do to my active pimples BYE
  8. If i knew i would´t get any spots i would eat pizza with pepperoni or nachos with cheddar....... but the sad true is that i do this only once in 4 months maybe heh... but i been cheating with mcdonals once a week recently I LOVE JUNK FOOD... maybe is because i restricted myself because acne and when i eat pizza/mc donnals i do it like crazy hhaha BYE
  9. Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-friday: college and french classes (which im considering to stop attending) Weekends : play a soccer match w/friends (also sometimes during the week), drinking (i dont like because im on myno but sometimes im a little forced)
  10. HIHI Its the first topic i make in the emo forum. I need a place to voice the frustration im feeling today. Last weeks i was really clear due to minocycline and i gained more confidence but now i have one big zit in my left side that really sux... I know its very little acne but this friday i will see a girl in my literature class at college which really like,, not only because of her looks but because she is so inteligent and interesting person. I was planning to make an approach (taking the b
  11. HI Hope u do good. For me minociclyne cleared 100% my fronthead... and for the rest of the face it improved .. although sometimes (like yesterday) I get a random whitehead I recommend u to put ALOE VERA for the redness/ post shave BYE
  12. HEY Mino is working great for me.. Im currently on my 1 1/2 month and im clear.... Also a very good tip for men is not to shave everyday if you can... i try shaving one or twice a week... also i use aloe vera and had a two glycosidic acid peelings with my derm BYE
  13. I use aloe vera as an after shave.. its great!!! and sometimes i use it as a moist without previously shaving
  14. My advice is that you must try not to stress about this breakout. I know is hard but al least, for me, stress is my major factor of breaking out... so try not to worry by thinking that you are taking the best medicine for acne and tane is working inside you BYE
  15. i had one,...im my 2nd week i got 4 big pimples in me left side one next to another ... but now im on my 5 week and im very good!