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  1. If you still have pills left until your next appointment, try taking one every other day if you don't have enough for everyday. Just to create a bridge between doses. I took a break for about 10 days or so because of a bike accident, and my acne did come back a little. Just keep taking pills periodically until you get more.
  2. I had to stop accutane because I got into a bike accident and my face got all scratched up. I stopped for like 10 days, and my skin started breaking out again. This was after being on it for about a month
  3. Mine started to improve within like two weaks, and I thought it was a fluke. By one month I wasn't getting any new acne. Good stuff
  4. Hey there. I was in the same boat as you concerning avoiding social situations and getting angry when people would not understand what it felt like to have acne. I had an outlook very much like yours. When I had more serious acne, expecially in the last 6 months, or so, I became very negative. I had ceased talking to people, and my family noticed that I only live at the house, and that I don't act as part of the family. My parents became concerned, and they took me to counselors and such and put
  5. The same thing happened to me when I first used my 30% glycolic peel. I left it on for like 3 minutes straight. When I neutralized it, my skin was white and felt like leather. I couldn't actually feel my face where I put it on. The next day it turned really red, but no worries, within 5 days it almost completely peeled. I thought I had originally messed up my skin, but I guess it was normal. Just don't peel the skin to early, and treat it. Aloe sounds smart
  6. Many people feel that milk adds to their acne problem. My mother bought me lactose free milk the other day that says it is 100% lactose free, and no growth hormones were used in the cows that produced the milk. Do you think this would be ok?
  7. I have mulitple little indent on my forehead from acne. Too shallow to be icepick I think, but still... How long do you think until they go away?
  8. I find it helps me to just take a long walk and not think about skin. Just look at the trees, the sky, sunlight, and all of that stuff. I actually look forward to it everyday, and it makes me feel better
  9. I would buy a helmet that would cover your entire face. Since your skin can get damaged easier, protecting your face entirely would be the best option
  10. So, I've been taking Solodyn, (minocycline) and it has done wonders for protecting my skin from acne. So I figured now that I have very little acne at the moment, that I would focus on my scars and redmarks. My scars aren't very deep, so I was wondering if there was something easy I could do to help. I don't want surgery (I'm only 17). I'm using a 30% glycolic peel, and something my derm gave me called ziana, which is a topical retinoid for expedited skin rejuvenation. I was thinking of maybe in
  11. I don't know, a lot of people have been saying that this stuff doesn't work, or that it makes them dizzy and upsets their stomach. I've been taking this for about two weeks and I've noticed major results. Besides what I think was an initial breakout from it or a retinoid my dermatoligist prescribed, I've had like one zit so far, which has allowed me plenty of time to just worry about repairing skin. (knocks on wood) I'm happy with what it's done so far, and I'm not even at the point where its su
  12. I'm new to minocycline, and I hear that it causes facial redness, which is sometimes permanent. So I was wondering has this happened to anyone? If so, how severe is it? Should I keep taking it?
  13. What I'm doing is using a 30% glycolic acid peel once a week for about 2 to 3 minutes. But before you think about doing this, make sure you do some research on chemical peels. I also hear apple cider vinegar helps, which I am also using, but results are slow... Slowly but surely the outer skin comes off, and makes the red marks lighter and lighter. You can also see a derm, they know what's best for you. Just express your concerns, and I'm sure that they'll be glad to help Best of luck!
  14. My derm just put me on 90 mg of solodyn, (minocycline) once a day. So I was wondering, how long would it take to start getting results? And also, does minocycline have a long term acne fighting effect like accutane, even after you stop taking it?