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  1. I was just wondering bc lately my face has been a bit dry and i got tiny little red bumps. Then when I put moisturizer on them they're gone the next day :/
  2. Hi there, i'm going to get Pur Minerals soon and i was wondering how well it's worked for people. I don't really have acne but for some reason Everyday Minerals broke me out. I've read that Pur Minerals doesn't have bad stuff in it that can cause break outs. Cheers xxxx
  3. Hey there, I'm the same way. I actually have really good skin usually. But then I get a little clogged pore and for some reason it turns into a big monster of a pimple. I have one on my head right now actually. It's so annoying bc it's the only thing on my face haha. It's strange how it gets that big. I actually have no idea why that happens. I tend to think maybe it's bc I wash my face too much? I wash my face twice a day usually but two days ago I started washing in the morning
  4. Yeah you're right about the scars because some pimples I get leave a mark even tho I dont touch it and then some pimples I get go away within 2 days and I dont touch them either. I dont understand how some can heal loads faster than others..
  5. Hey girl, I totally understand you. I'm 23 and always had great, clear skin with the occasional pimple every month or two with a period. But 2 months ago I developed a thyriod problem and all of a sudden i gained weight and had more pimples on my face than normal. I had two really big painful pimples on my forehead and white heads all on my chin. I've never had spots on my chin! I went to my doctor and he did a blood test and told me that my thyroid levels were raised. He switched my birth cont
  6. Hey there everyone! I have Seborrhea on my scalp. It only bothered me majorly when I was 16. I'm 23 now and I recently bothered me once again. This time it got on my face as well. I started seeing these little flesh colored bumps all uniform in size. This is what I thought was clogged pours coming out, but then my face got extremely oily and they itched slightly. So I bought Nizoral for my scalp and it healed my Seborrhea. I read on these forums that you could use it on your face because those
  7. Can anyone please please recommend a good moisturizer for oily skin? I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter but i think it's clogging my pores. Thank you! x
  8. Half the articles I read say yes you HAVE to moisturize no matter what kind of skin you have, and the other half of stuff I see says you should only moisturize the dry areas on your face if you have them or just at night time. I'm really confused about this because I've been using moisturizer on my face twice a day after washing my face forever. Only my T-zone gets oily in the day, but not ridiculously oily, just average. I was just wondering if any one else doesn't use moisturizer and their s
  9. You get them even if you don't touch. My strongest advice to you: get rid of acne completly first! Then redmarks disappear. Oh ok thanks! I didn't know that. I just the one pimple with my period every month but it takes a month for the mark to fade so there's only just one mark that i have to cover up. it's so annoying cause i'm fair and my mark are really red.
  10. Is there anyone else who leaves their spots/pimples alone and doens't touch them, then gets a red mark anyway?! What gives? I thought not popping them doesn't leave that much of a red mark and heals faster? I even use Vitamin E oil as well, and it's only been a week but it's fading REALLY slowly... xxxxxx
  11. Hey everyone, This really helps my oily T-zone. All you need is regular oatmeal and milk of your choice. I like to use whole milk. Just mix it into a paste and put it on your skin. PAT it on don't rub it because otherwise it could irritate the skin. Leave it on for about 10-15 mins until your face becomes dry and tight feeling. Wash it off with luke warm water then cold water and voila! Glowing skin that doesn't feel dry nor does it feel oily!I do this once a week. I love using natural and sim
  12. I, too, love kitties!

  13. Hey everyone, I was wondering if this sort of acne happens to anyone here. Generally I have really good skin. Not that oily, glowing, clear...but then when i get my period I get like one papule on my forehead or chin and ruins my clear skin!! It's more annoying than anything else. I was just wondering if anyone else has this "hormonal" acne? xxxxxxx
  14. Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone else here has this type of acne. Normally I have very good skin with no breakouts, but when my period comes no matter how good I take care of my face I always get a papule on my forehead or my chin! Just one! It's sooooooo annoying cause I have no acne anywhere else on my whole face!! And it's not even just a whitehead it's a papule that is really swollen and hurts. Then it leaves a red scar that I have to cover up everyday ugh. Does anyone else exp