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  1. I need to have corrective jaw surgery as soon as possible. I take my last accutane pill next week. I've been told that accutane is not a problem and surgery can go on as usual. What's your opinion?
  2. I was put on 60 mg for a five month course. My acne was very mild. I had mild breakouts on my cheeks only. I never had cysts, just small bumps with nothing in them that turned into flat hyperpigmentation marks fast. Anyway when I moved to the city I live in now, I was 145 lbs. I warned my doc that I can fluctuate up or down depending on my stress levels. By the time I got all the blood work and pregnancy test crap done (which took some time, because I had problems with ipledge), I weighed
  3. I'm wondering if there's anyone on here who's had cosmetic surgery or any type of surgery shortly after accutane. I know a lot of celebs use accutane and also have cosmetic surgery but is 6 months really enough time to wait...
  4. Can you translate that to lbs? Anyway I was looking at your siggy and noticed that you've been on accutane for 6.5 months. Isn't that a bit long? I thought people typically did a 5 month course.
  5. Does accutane stop healing altogether or does it just slow down healing? I had electrolysis and still have some hyperpigmentation marks. I don't know if these are just slow healing or are permanent. Help?
  6. Ugh yes it sucks! I gained about 15 or so lbs.:( As soon as I'm done with my course I'm going to hire a personal trainer to get back in shape.
  7. Thanks. I fluctuate between 145-160 lbs. I'm 5'7". What dosage should I be on? I guess I'm on about the right dose.
  8. I've gained weight while on Accutane. Not to scare anyone because I don't think it's an accutane side effect, but I believe I gained the weight due to stress because of school. Anyway, should my dosage be upped? How does the dosing work? Can someone explain it in pounds instead of kgs
  9. Does accutane permanently thin the skin? Is slow wound healing an effect that lasts forever? I'm asking because what if a person has to have surgery after accutane? Would it be ok?
  10. Accutane is working for me. Hardly any side effects. My skin is flawless and I have my self esteem back. I only wish that I went on accutane sooner.
  11. Does the severe sweating side effect stop after your accutane course? These past couple of days I've been sweating a lot, but I've always been a heavy sweater, so I'm not sure if accutane is the reason for my excessive sweating the past couple of days. Anyway for those of you who experienced sweating as an accutane side effect, did it go away?
  12. How long after accutane is it safe to get pregnant? I don't plan on having kids for awhile, but when I do I want healthy babies and no risks.
  13. Thanks for the response and the well wishes! What side effects did you have and did they go away?
  14. I'm trying to find the post from the forum member who stated that accutane changed her life for the better socially. She said that sometimes she feels like this is an anti accutane board. If anyone remembers the post can you bump it?
  15. I'm on 60 mg a day for five months. I'm 5'7" woman and fluctuate between 145-160 lbs. Does this sound like a good dose for my weight?
  16. Are body aches side effects of accutane? If so, how severe is it? Does it go away? Just looking for opinions, and no fear mongering. Thank you.
  17. When do people start to clear on accutane? I'm three weeks in and am still breaking out just on my cheeks. Overall my skin looks much healthier and clearer. When does accutane work? I'm worried about the breakouts on my cheeks.
  18. How long is it before you start to see results? I started taking accutane ten days ago and my lips are just really dry.