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  1. did NOT think i'd be back here again. in saying that, I hope I never come back again! so I was off Accutane by February 09' and was acne free until September when it crept back... That's what, 7-8 months? It was a spot here or there but progressively got worse to the point I had atleast 5 actives on my face at a time, I decided in December or so that I was not going to let it get as bad as this: http://sg57.digital-insanity.com/current.JPG yea... no thanks. so I went to the dermatologist and
  2. Well it's been ages since I've updated and I just couldn't be bothered i dunno lol. My treatment is over now, i have a few days left but yeah I'm done going in every month, done iwth my blood testing. Here's the result! http://jordansg57.googlepages.com/DSC03883.JPG http://jordansg57.googlepages.com/DSCN0459.JPG Sorry i can't get a close up or anything, those are just photos i took or were took of me real quick I'll take a close up later on maybe But yeah compare those two to way back and
  3. Yeah what a bitch... I have cleared up significantly since hwen i started and rarely get new zits or anything forming, just the ones that last forever need to die out already heh... it's only recently that i got my camera working and i got a few zits that makes me want ot come back here and comment, glad your doing different views And ya i sorta say that to myself a few times at random points in time - "just wait about 5 more months til' i'm all cleared up..."
  4. Hey, I can follow my experience to yours sorta. I went down to my dad's for 3 weeks 1 week after starting accutane (I just got back from my dad's in california). My face was just starting the IB stage and everywhere that I hadn't had acne just like 1 zit before got like 4-5 red very noticeable spots. Then after about 4 days of it slowly dieing down, one day they just disappeared and now my face is really really smooth. I'm shedding skin near where my ears and jaw bone meet and now my face is h
  5. Day 7 Well nothing new to report, my scalp was itchy a bit ago, felt like i had lice lol. Other then that here is me after my shower... Oh i got a haircut today but i did this picture before that so.. http://jordansg57.googlepages.com/Day7.JPG Also i'm going to my dad's from the 16th til' the 3rd of august so i don't know if i can update on a daily basis but i will try to take pictures on a daily basis.
  6. At the start you were on 40mg and you weighed 225 lbs. I'm on 40mg and i weigh 140 lbs. lol. Think that's about right for me? Or should i step it up? By the way, great news that you acne is cleared Just stick it out til the end or else it may come back with avengence later on
  7. Females always have such a huge hassle getting on Accutane lol. A month before taking it you have to be on 2 contraceptives, and every visit you get tested, etc... Sucks for you guys Something you'll notice on the pill packets is that there are 'No Pregnancy' warnings everywhere. Everything but hte pill itself has a pregnant woman with a red circle with a cross through it. There's also a disturbing diagram of what is likely to happen as birth defects (shows an elongated head, tons of intern
  8. I am impatient only on very select things. Acne isn't one of them because I know that after accutane i've lost the battle. I have nothing to use after it... I will be at a dead end with acne blocking the only way out \ I want to stay on accutane as long as possible and hope it cures it. I'm not impaitent waiting for the end of this accutane course but i am impatient about wanting clear skin after like 5 years of progressively bad skin. I believe accutane will cure me though, i've never been a l
  9. Blood in your urine means you have a bladder infection no doubt due to the accutane either because your liver is normally too easily affected or something you've been eating plus the accutane affecting it. Someone correct me if i'm wrong there. I think it is the latter though because by Day 98 if your bladder was normally too easily affected then very small damage was being done to it over 98 days and that just doesn't seem so possible. Makes me think you ate something or are taking pills or
  10. Day 6 Same as yesterday (i didn't expect a huge change over a small time period) but i suppose you can compare my face now to that of yesterdays and tell me what you think, this is after a shower about 10 minutes so my pores are 'exfoliated' so the reds are redder, etc. (after about an hour it all dies down and kinda blends in a bit...) http://jordansg57.googlepages.com/Day6.JPG My lips are chapped but not splitting. Hopefully this initial breakout subsides soon, eh? P.S. Why aren't the im
  11. Hey I am in the same boat as you acne wise that is, except mine is much more severe i'd go to say. I too have had acne since 7th grade, however i don't have cystic acne. I too am going into 11th grade (junior in highschool). I used all sorts of crap til' i said to my mom i wanted to go on accutane. Sure enough the first thing my dermatologist suggested the next visit was accutane so i've been taking it since 5 days ago. I am feeling the chapped lips and have had one back pain from yard work a
  12. Day 5 I'm starting on day 5 because i contemplated whether to even take the time and do this log but i found this site and it had a section full of daring other people so i thought i might as well. I am just starting to get chapped lips (I had to put some aquaphor on once). I have read about this beginning breakout when you just start Accutane and I'd say i'm at it. I wasn't as bad as in this picture before i started but it is close - so yeah 5 days in and I'd say i'm at my beginning breakout.
  13. Here is a picture of me in 8th grade: [i took about 5 pictures in that dim lighting to hide a few spots on my face...] http://jordansg57.googlepages.com/waybefore.jpg EDIT Since my final post i went and cut out all this crap lol no need for it just keeping hte pictures