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  1. oh your so lucky!! I have thin light blonde hair that goes dark with grease and sticks in a lump if its not washed. I found that perming my hair helped the grease situation a lot but im not sure curly hair works on me! Pity about the highlights. I had black, bleached white and pink highlights at uni which was handy as that helped to keep down the grease too Surely though a nice tasteful set of highlight using bleaches that make it subtle wont look out of place? I found that having crazy hair
  2. Thanks for that. I just expected to have an improvement like I did when I took Dianette when I was 17 but now at nearly 25, nothing much. I cant say my face has ever been excessively greasy anyway. I always assumed it was bad but from reading what some people are saying on here, I think they'd love to have the amount of grease i have even though its bad. Its always been my hair thats the problem to the point of it sticking to my head in a big lump after 48 hours of no washing and changing colou
  3. Its not something my GP has ever mentioned. He's spoke of diebetes medication but not that. Well I'll try another BC pill first I think as ive only tried 3 so far and one was a mini pill so one more go before trying other things. I dont fancy the lack of concentration as a side effect! I have aspergers syndrome so any more concentration problems and uni might become impossible
  4. I'm really pale too with blonde hair so I dont think dyeing my hair is a solution - I wish i had darker skin!! At least for me, leaving my face alone would help to minimise the redness. Pity make-up just makes big bumps look worse and its hard to find make up thats nearly white for bad skin. I hope that website is of some use. There are others out there but I cant remember where off the top of my head.
  5. I thought you might be. I didnt think Father Ted would be the sort of comedy Americans would like! spironolactone - hmmm thats for blood pressure problems? I dont know much about the drug but I gather its got an anti-androgen effect. Sounds all a bit extreme for me. I'm not sure that I have problems that are that bad to take what seems to me like drastic action. I'm put off with the side effect list! With being insulin resistant and having menstrual irregularity, I cant see my GP giving me
  6. I'm in the UK so not sure whats available here on the NHS without looking into it. Hmmm sounds like a better solution. I am good with taking pills though but i have been a bit late in remembering them by about 8 hours and that brings on huge panic! The idea of no hormones sounds good though Another thing for Google Thanks!
  7. its possible that it might work. Before you do that sort of dramatic action, perhaps take a picture of yourself and I think theres a few websites out there where you can upload it and try different hair styles on the photo. I recall the Maybelline website has that. You can get to see what the different colours look like before you do anything that might actually not work out right. I hope that helps.
  8. I hadn't. Perhaps im just a bit shy but not something I'd like to consider without getting some courage together first! I'd want to avoid the hormone one though as i think that would be as bad as the mini pill. ahhh i have just read it can make periods heavier. In that case perhaps not for me because its awful without the pill to the point of restricting my life in a big way. However, you've been helpful in opening my mind up to alternatives so i'll talk to my GP and find a good solution. Tha
  9. I'm not sure but its got to be about 5/6 years i think? http://www.encolombia.com/medicina/congres...ciasm-dotch.htm Thats why i havent taken it up as the verdict is still out on the risks of DVT but it might be chance or they were smokers or frequent flyers. Who knows?
  10. thanks - oh i dont need that! Im a bit overweight and getting giant would just slash my confidence entirely i dont mind if they dont help the acne though that would be great - as a bare minimum not to make it worse!
  11. I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome but the doctors dont seem to think its bad. My skin isnt awful but at 24, i want it to clear up as im getting depressed. I was on Dianette when i was 17/18 and that worked a treat but i didnt stick at it for long but i dont remember why i stopped. Later I went to a family planning clinic and wanted the pill and gave me Microgynon but i dont remember any terrible reactions though it could have been some mild things ive forgotten. I went to my GP last year and t
  12. definitely the bateria one is true because if you fiddle with the spots and the liquid in it gets around the edge of the spot, loads more appear. If i leave it alone, it doesn't spread.I swear my skin would be a zillion times better if i left it alone but im obsessed with touching it.
  13. to keep hormones balanced, I've read its got something to do with balancing insulin levels so have a look into that although saying that, im not sure how that works in guys....
  14. diet effects hormones and hormones can play a big part in acne so look at the root of the problem as it might be that for some people.
  15. As far as i'm concerned, if you don't put the right fuel into your body, its not going to perform as well. it might not actually make the acne worse, but surely its going to slow down the healing of the skin and therefore it hangs about for longer? It very much depends on what sort of acne you have. Mine is adult hormonal sort that women can get and i think diet can help a lot because its about trying to balance out the body's insulin levels that make the high levels of testosterone. The way to