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  1. Thank you, Amygims, for your detailed response. I did see a dermatologist and she prescribed my Dapsone and Atrelin. Atrelin is a retinoid and it broke me out like crazy with the purging, and Dapsone wasn't calming down or preventing breakouts. It stressed me out to look in the mirror. Instead, I've been trying a new skincare called Evologie that helps fight acne with azelaic acid, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil. I'm been using for a week and it helps get rid of a lot of the forehead a
  2. For some reason the acne.org moisturizer stung and irritated my skin as well. So while on the acne.org regimen, I switched to cetaphil's moisturizer which worked really well. Unfortunately, the acne.org regimen has become too harsh on my sensitive skin after using for a few years, so I've had to change up my skincare routine. Right now I'm using the cerave PM moisturizer which feels really nice on my face and not greasy like with the cetaphil moisturizer.
  3. Hi Guys, A quick update for those who have an allergy to BP. I understand how frustrating it can be to find another regimen to prevent acne. Its a terrible feeling to know that just 4 months ago I had perfectly clear skin, but then my face become intolerant to BP (which was working so well for me!). I recently found out about a new skin product line called Evologie. It uses azelaic acid, salicyclic acid, arginine, and tea tree oil to treat mild/moderate acne. The ingredients and product
  4. I'm currently experience contact dermatitis after using BP for 3.5+ years. Can any of you share what new BP-free acne regimen you're using that has helped with your acne? Thank you!
  5. I've used the regimen for the past 3.5+ years with great results, but recently has developed sensitivity to it (dermatitis). My face was dry while using the treatment. I'm currently looking for a BP-free acne treatment alternative.
  6. perhaps you're using too much BP at once and your skin is not use to the treatment yet? I would try half a pump morning and night for a week and see how your skin reacts. If it still seems irritated and you have more acne flare ups, you may consider trying an alternative treatment.
  7. I started experiencing the same reaction to BP (after using it successfully for 3.5+ years) - my skin developed sensitivity to BP. Have you tried using BFF acne treatment? I'm curious if it works.
  8. I have also developed a similar condition. I've used acne.org products very successfully for the past 3.5+ years. However, recently, I've developed dermatitis in the form of red dry, patchy irritations or raised, itchy bumps on my face when I use BP (2.5%). I went to a dermatologist, who recommended that I use to corticosteroid creams to treat the irritation and avoid using BP for an entire week. My face improved a lot, but once I started to use BP again, the irritation on my face reappeared.
  9. Yes, try the regimen for a month and see whether or not your skin responds well to the regimen. I use to be on all sorts of topical medication for moderate acne but they didn't seem to work for me (clindamyin, oral minocycline, retinol, benzaclin) I would see progress for a week, then another round of acne would appear on my face, plus they really dried up my skin. When i first started using the regimen, i saw results in about two weeks. I've been really happy with it since . Ive used it for ab
  10. Don't use Bare Minerals (BM)!!! The foundation contains a synthetic substance called bismuth oxychloride that can irritate the skin. BM works fine for my friends with normal skin, but it shouldn't be used on acne prone skin - even if the marketing people say its ok. Do your research online and see what you find. I used BM for the past month and noticed my skin wasn't getting better. Just last week, I stopped using BM makeup and my skin has been doing much better. BM has mica and bismuth th