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  1. I can understand that. Even when I knew Cymbalta was helping me, I hated the idea that I might be on it for life. My illness is chemical imbalance. Circumstances can aggravate my depression, such as when my father passed away, but even when I have very "light" emotional baggage, I struggle to accomplish daily tasks. My depression typically manifests as lethargy, fatigue, inability to focus, complete lack of motivation, disconnected emotional state, self-loathing mind chatter, withdrawal from all
  2. I use a light box. I can't say for sure if it helps clear acne. I have noticed that my skin heals faster when I use it though. When I feel depressed, I go to the tanning salon. To hell with cancer! For some odd reason, it lifts my mood. The reason is not odd, it's quite simple. Sunlight, and tanning lights that mimic sunlight, boost levels of serotonin (which is the neurotransmitter that is in deficient in those who suffer from depression). Kristabel, I have also suffered from moder
  3. I did do a quick search for isolaz... and as I suspected, it has to administered by dermatologist. My insurance doesn't cover dermatological treatment and I don't have the money to cover the expense. But I appreciate the suggestion, when my situation changes, I may look into it. After double checking the definitions on what is a papule vs a pustule vs cyst, etc. I think I mainly suffer from pustule type acne. It generally starts as either a non inflamed whitehead or it develops as a hard, pain
  4. It really is hard isn't it! Here we are in a period of time when our skin is supposed to "glow" and now we have worse acne to deal with than normal... as if we didn't have enough issues with looking "pretty". You know I really hadn't much considered that the BP could be bad for the baby... I've been using it sporadically since my skin eventually just gets so bad with the painful irritation that I have to give my skin breaks. I had also been using a 0.5% salicylic acid moisturizer. I knew it c
  5. So I'm going to try the Urine Therapy method... being pregnant means I'm very limited in my options anyway and Dan's regimen hasn't done it for me. My main concern is the smell... I do eat meat and drink milk and I've heard that that affects the odor of your urine. But I did find this page: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_urine_clear_acne which says you can rinse it off after 10 mins or so. I'm thinking that if I do that and follow up with a traditional moisturizer, that would eliminate any odor
  6. I did in the beginning, yes. I used Dan's moisturizer... but it burned and stung so badly I had trouble going to sleep. Also it never seemed to absorb completely which led to transfer on my pillow to my eye area and terrible painful dryness around my eyes. So I had to switch to applying moisturizer before the BP. I'm not just talking about my skin being dry, I mean it HURTS. Thanks for your input, but I really don't think the regimen is for me.
  7. As a teen, my skin was beautiful. Very few issues with acne... chronic blackheads on my nose and the occasional inflamed zit. Things began happening over the past few years and now I get miserable breakouts of huge, painful, cystic acne... mostly along and under my jawline and chin. Things became much worse last year when I developed a bleeding problem (I had like a really heavy period for 6 weeks straight!) and had to discontinue my birth control. That was when I first found this site and trie
  8. Hydrocortisone is a steroid and thus should be used sparingly... but it is anti-inflammatory and should help with painful, inflamed lesions.
  9. I'll be the first to admit that my practice of the regimen is less than perfect, but I just don't understand what I could be doing to lead to such awful cystic acne around my chin and jawline. I'm over 30 and only just recently started having major acne issues and now that I'm pregnant, it's gotten MUCH worse. I ordered Dan's BP and began using it back in July with some success, although with much dryness and discomfort. Originally I was using the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser and Dan's Mois
  10. I'm very interested in trying the Acne.org regimen Starter Kit (cleanser, treatment, moisturizer) but I'm a bit product shy. My skin tends to be so sensitive that even "gentle" foaming cleansers can inflame my skin, making it red and tender. Generally I stick to cream-based cleansers that do not foam. I was encouraged that the cleanser does not contain the usual Sulfate surficants that I think are responsible for my irritation, but I'm still concerned. I would certainly be conscientious and ad
  11. Just an FYI - Aspirin, Ibuprofen(Advil/Motrin), and Naproxen Sodium(Aleve) are all NSAIDs: Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Acetaminophen(Tylenol) is NOT! (Do not take for acne!) If you are concerned about a drug interaction, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the safety of taking these NSAIDs along with your regular medication. And Finally: If taking NSAIDs irritate your stomach, you may be sensitive towards them and thus MORE LIKELY to develop gastrointestinal problems. Please discu
  12. Alrighty, starting from the top and working my way down: I have seborrheic dermatitis, this affects my scalp, behind and in my ears, around my nostrils, and even my eyebrows when it's really bad. It seems to wax and wane perodically, recently it nearly cleared up after using Selsun Blue for a while, but in trade-off my skin and scalp became much more oily. I went from barely needing a shampoo once a week without my hair looking greasy to barely making it 36 hours between shampoos without lookin