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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm off the effexor because I just didn't like having to take more drugs after accutane. The problem is I motocross as a hobby. So really, I can't avoid it nor am I willing to give it up. So I think I'll look into treament... For now I just live my life and not worry about it. Goodluck!
  2. Thats what I use and Brandy is 100% it's not shiny.
  3. Okay, so needling and Retin-A...

    I will definitely keep those in mind! Thanks!

  4. I'm sorry. I didn't really mean there is nothing you can do. I meant you may spend thousands and I mean thousands. There is a chance the scarring could look worse after the procedure( Some scars are bigger under a few layers of skin or the scars can connect). Also I don't believe spending 6000 or so is worth 20% improvement. 20% is not even noticeable. Heck I've seen someone spend

  5. It will work just give it time. Make sure you use a moisturizer with atleast spf 15 and avoid unnecessary sun exposure. You should be fine.
  6. Thanks for the comment on my scar pics...

    What a bummer that there's nothing we can really do.

  7. I did and used the same thing plus I went tanning. Well live and learn. I agree alot of people get fine lines. I know alot of people that have never used bp and have them at age 16. I'm 21 and I have them.
  8. Thanks Christy you made my day! Does anyone use myspace? After making a myspace I didn't feel like making a facebook... myspace.com/MrBsting
  9. Thanks again all. You know I'm not the only one making something big out of something small... look at mojo420 he thinks he has bad acne lol.... Not a single pimple. Some people like myself are just brain washed by the media I guess!
  10. Thats why I wanted to vent.... Honestly, I feel much better about it already!
  11. Also Wonko do you have any photos of your acne or scarring??? I'd like to see. Thanks
  12. Ok Wonko I guess your right and honestly, sometimes I admit I feel like I'm a women about it to others. It's not the fact that I feel my scars are so terrible. It's just the fact that I wish I didn't pick or shave acne lessions and think nothing of it. Also, over irritating my face causing bad breakouts. They do look shallow now after accutane but there are lots of them. I just wanted kind advice on what people thought of it. Accutane did really help me but did leave me with terrible facial flus
  13. I'm clear now after accutane. I just saw this commercial for this new acne system called skin Id (It's suppose to be way better then Proactive). I guess they give you different products based on your acne type. My acne could come back at anytime (Fingers croosed alittle over two months) so I want to be ready with DKR or something as good. So has anyone used it? I'm so interested with acne products and acne itself now.
  14. Sorry but no. They do make light bulbs designed for acne and they are blue light 415 nm. My brother used a system for awhile and it didn't really help. I'm not sure if he used it every day as he can be pretty lazy. No question is stupid... It's only stupid if you don't ask.
  15. Also Wonko that really rude to say what the hell are you smoking and gtf. I hope you know you don't make acne.org proud and you could have just said I don't see any scaring. I'm here for support and help (I stated above I didn't need comments about stop bi*ching). However, after reading some of your posts you seem like an angry individual. Well take a look at the photos I posted and maybe it will change your tune on jumping the gun. Good luck to you. Ps. You can still notice scarring in previous