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  1. Are the Proactive and Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque masks anything like the bentonite/apple cider vinegar masks? Which one works best? Thanks.
  2. The USDA is too busy trying to find everything they can to disecredit healthy alternatives like Stevia to bother researching the products that are truly harmful to American society.
  3. Oh, sorry I thought you were naysayer or something. No offense! The grapefruit is simply to help with the taste. I think we can all agree that if you had to drink a 1/2 cup of straight olive oil, far less people would be willing to do these purges. Yuck!
  4. I don't eat breakfast, but that's just me. But like sepsi said, keep your breakfast meals light and raw. The body is still going through a detox period in the moring, so eating a bunch of heavy cooked foods isn't going to do you any good. Whoever thought eating a huge plate of bacon, eggs, sausages, and buttery biscuits in the morning (or any time for that matter) was a good idea ought to be shot.
  5. Yes, and so have many other people's after successfully completely these purges. Your opinion that the oil mixture forms the stones is an uninformed one.
  6. So do you think maybe we just don't have stones? It's so hard to know... I think you do, but for some reason or other it's hard fror some people to purge them. My fist two times I tried it I got nothing. The third time I did it I got about 50 of them though. Keep trying. Perhaps it's your cleanse regimen that's the problem? Not all of them are the same afterall. Or maybe you have too many parasites in your liver? You won't get many stones if any at all if you have a parasite problem. I'd
  7. There's no doubt that cleansing and fasting can dramatically improve your health (and skin). But, again, the problem with this course is it advises the consumption of too much high sugar content foods (apples). The best thing to do during a juice fast is drink plenty of low-sugar vegetable juices such as cucumber or celery. I've done these types of fast a number of times, and aside from the occasional initial breakout (due to the released toxins) it does wonders for my skin. Of course I took cle
  8. If I went on an apple fast, I'd be breaking out every other minute. Any "acne cure" program that suggests you go on a diet/fast that includes a lot of foods with high sugar content, is in all likelihood pure garbage.
  9. Exercise is good for your liver, and in turn your liver plays a big role in healing. So, yeah, exercise will definitely be good for you red marks and health in general. I've actually seen improvement on my red marks after starting a great new exercise regimen at the beginning of this very week. Go for it. It definitely can't hurt ya.
  10. It's definitely the high sugar content of the apples that's causing you to breakout. Drinking straight apple juice would be even worse. My advise: Do like I do and go buy yourself a good malic acid supplement instead of eating/juicing the apples. Take about 20,000 mg worth everyday for the six days leading up to the liver flush and you'll be much better off.
  11. I agree with LabGirl. Don't take anyone's word for anything, especially your doctor's/derm's.
  12. I got about 50 stones after my first flush. Keep at it.
  13. Long-grain brown rice, preferably sprouted. If going for potatoes, make sure to stick with the sweet potato variety as it's less starchy.
  14. I've done them a few times and I've never had problems. Hope your next one works out better.