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  1. Lol..what? I have Bio- Oil..and I have used Cetaphil...I have sensitive skin and i use the oil-Free one. It's nice and gentle on my skin..it doesn't flake.. I usually do the aspirin+ Cetaphil combo though. Works nice.
  2. 125? I guess you sold it already then?! Goodness, I missed out on a deal.
  3. So many tips...does anyone have photos along with the tips?
  4. well keep an update..I'm interested!
  5. I'm actually quite interested in this product. It's available in the US and easily order it online or just hop to Sephora. I found a review on make-up Alley..give it a glance if you're intrigued too. www.makeupalley.com (then just type in Tanda Skincare System) I haven't figured out how to work the linknig sites yet, I tried but it didn't work! Sorry.
  6. Happy b-day. Ur the same age as me. Okay bye-bye.

    1. Do I win a prize now?

      1. Bonjour, mon amie... I adore your avie by the way.

        1. I actually want to try some of their products.. I'm still considering here...they're a tad pricey for me..haha...I'm just afraid it won't work.
        2. While browsing through Forums...I stumbled upon one of your posts. Just came by to say hi! ^_^"

          1. Rose water? I made my own rose water instead of buying it... It was wonderful... I have sensitive skin..and it helped out a lot. O.o; I even took pictures during the whole experiment..it made an excellent toner..made my face glowing and translucent. ~chuckles~ Goodness..that was a lot of rose petals.
          2. Hello there..I'm new here..don't be shy to say hi to me! ^_^"