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  1. hey joker...so sorry to hear about the myriad of derm problems you seem to be having when did you stop using the retin-a? i know that its a real bummer that with topical retinoids, ince you stop using them, your skin (sometimes rather quickly) reverts back to its pre-treatment state. i hope you don't revert that quickly! as for the blocked pores, i doubt the clindamycin will help get rid of them, but it could certainly keep them from becoming inflamed, which is always a good thing glad to hear
  2. hey space...sorry that youre feeling down. i know its hard waiting for a treatment to start working. with an antibiotic, i think its wise to give it at least 2 months before you see whether or not its working for you. also, i was wondering why you stopped using any topical creams? oral antibiotics can be great, but i think theyre consistently shown to work better when used along with a topical medication, like the ones you listed above. but i understand not wanting to do to much and not know wha
  3. hey matt...wow, looks like your doc is being really, really aggressive in treating you! 3 topical meds, all started at the same time, if i understood your post correctly? i have no experience with plexion or duac, but know that they are pretty common for mild to moderate acne, and the retin-a is also a common topical retinoid, which IMHO, is really whats going to be the power-house here. but it's going to take some time. i'm glad to see youre using some of the gentler cleansing products and a go
  4. i'm sorry you're having a rough go of it but what youre going through is par for the course when you use a topical retinoid like differin. if you look at it from a treatment perspective, the IB is a good sign that the differin is working, so now its time to play the waiting game and see how long it lasts and how long before you start to see (positive) results. i hope youre on your way out of the IB now, and that clear skin is only a few weeks away best of luck, and keep us posted!
  5. ok, so i might be throwing monkey wrench into my regimen, and if i am, then i know what to go back to. i am turning in the tretinoin cream in exchange for tazorac cream. i'm doing this after a long debate with myself because i've heardand read studies about the tazorac being *significantly* better at treating closed comedones (ie blackheads) than tretinoin. it also has mild antinflammatory properties, something which the tretinoin does not. i have the better part of 3/4 of a tube of the tretino
  6. not for nothing, but it looks like your skin is doing fine. your IB looks much much tamer compared to mine, and i understand the heartbreak that happens during this time period. i think you're skin type (from what i can tell from the photos) is exactly the type of skin that will respond nicely to the retin-a. youre well into it now, so don't worry about it getting worse, cause it probably wont. btw, are you using a sunblock in the am? just wondering because when your using a topical retinoid,
  7. hmm...i think benzyl alcohol is one of the 'ok' alcohols in terms of skin, in that its not like denatured alcohol or SD alcohol, which are the drying, awful for your skin types. but good to know its a nice product thanks for answering my question!
  8. so, its been almost 3 weeks on the mino, and was wondering if the side-effects have gotten any better for you? i'm glad to hear youre seeing results from the mino, but still a bit worried about the difficulty swallowing side effect youve been having. if its not intolerable, which it sounds like its not, then perhaps its something youd learn to live with in exchange for the benefits. i do hope it clears up soon, though...it shouldn't have to be uncomfortable in any way to have to control your acn
  9. in my experience, my doc didn't exactly say that *nothing* else would work in case my acne was or became resistant to the minocycline, but as far as the other tetracyclines, i think its fair to assume you may have cross-tolerance (ie no efficacy). though, there a a number of studies out there that say that mino is not the strongest, its often just thought of that way, and that most antibiotics do most of their work re their antiinflammatory actions anyways. however, my doc hinted that bactrim is
  10. hey britt...can't leave a long post cause i'm running late for work, but just wanted to say that you're doing great you're at the most difficult stage right now, the point where most people give up. DON'T DO IT! i think you can count on clear skin by new year's...if not sooner. best of luck, and keep checking in. talk to you later
  11. week 12 - so this is it. this is the the time period that one is supposed to wait to see if their treatment is working. and, i'm happy to say, it is. it's working BRILLIANTLY i'm still applying the tretinoin every night, i stopped the topical clindamycin and cut back the mino to one 100mg capsule in the evening. now as i write this, i'm concerned about the slow drop off of the mino. did the tretinoin work as well as it would have without the mino? is long term tretinoin going to be enough to ke
  12. glad to see the lymecycline has been helping...as far as i know, in a few more weeks you should be seeing the full effect of the antibiotic. i know medicine is practiced differently in the uk than here in the us, and that antibiotics seemed to be prescribed in 3 or 4 month courses there. here, most docs keep patients on antibiotics long term, as long as they continue to help and aren't causing problems. and youre absolutely right...an oral antibiotic is no substitute for a good topical treatmen
  13. phew! its good to know that youre not in harms way. thanks for the update, and i hope that you finish adjusting to the mino soon! now you have to promise to keep us posted on the results you get from the mino best of luck!
  14. i agree with tupac on this issue. if you're prone to ingrown hairs from shaving, then hot water, gel shaving cream, steamy hot water and a sharp 2 or 3 blade razor is a must. it may not eliminate all of the problem, but it will certainly help ALOT. also, try putting on a glycolic acid product after you shave. it may burn and sting for a few seconds, but thats normal. the glycolic acid will help your skin shed dead skin cells faster and lessen the chance of an ingrown hair. topical antibiotics ar
  15. i know that as adult men, we're in the minority when it comes to acne. i forgot the age brackets, but sometime around 30 i think is the oldest men usually have acne till. and most by 25 have all but completely stopped breaking out. sucks hardcore that i turned 30 this year and i'm still dealing with it...and if it weren't for the fact that i breakout on my shoulders alot, i'd say that going minimalist is the way to go. but.......i'm not so lucky. i'm happy that it's worked for some of the men he