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  1. yeah the sun seems to be a mask or a sort of treatment for the redness of the pimple. but i agree i was just trying to find a little more information out about how to help with body acne. but this topic has been over done. <period
  2. yeah i would imagine that it is some type of way to mask the pimples. the sun reduces the apperence of the redness of pimpls and there for it hiddes them or makes them less vsible. now i havent herd about salt water before. i wonder do you think you could use a salt based solution or sometype of salt scrub and it would help? i wonder
  3. does the sun and the pool help your body acne and if so why?
  4. hmmm... i have herd that when pll get out in the pool and in the sun there bacne or body acne clears up completely. now is this because of a chemical in the pool water of the uva, and uvb rays or what? if there are ppl out there who are experts to this fill me in.
  5. hmmm i haven't herd of eyes watering ither. are you itching your eyes after you apply it. like rubbing or smoothing your lashes . i have noticed that i rub mine alot and it gets in so i use my shirt. but if that area is so sensitive are you acctually getting any acne there when your eyes dont look like this>> << or does it break out? the goggles may need to be invested in if so.
  6. when i first started out with my acne it was mild and to this day is still mild. i went to the DM becuase i wasnt having luck with fighting it over the counter. he perscribed trentiton cream is what i beleive it si called and a perscription of pills which i cant remember off hand. while it cleared up my acne for the mose part. after a couple of month i would be come tollerent of the medicine and it would only have mild to no affect which really didnt help me. so i would say that you should go to
  7. all right that soundz good. thanx i will try it and see how it works. since my back isnt that bad i would assume this could do no harm. but thanx again
  8. while the regimen has worked great for me on my face. i am haveing trouble finding some over the counter or home treatments for acne that is on my back,shouldres,and upper arms. while i no one ever see's it and it is relitively light. but it does keep me out of the pool and keeping my shirt on in the summer heat. see in all my friends with there clear and smooth upper back and arms is kind of a dissapointment. is there any thing out there besides perscriptions that i could try? i soap,lightly s