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  1. Ok Summer is here and its pretty cool to be free, this year am going to uni, and living away from home for very FIRST time. LOLZ. Ok even though I am getting an education loan, I thought I make some extra cash on the go, there are quite a lot of vacancies in my area, so I applied to em all, its been weeks and STILL with no job. There is this job in a store where they have been advertising for a sales assistant for 1 month, I applied there like 5 times, spoke with the manager like twice. WHY don
  2. Sell your SOULS to the devil, in the exchange for acne-free skin!! If I had the chance I would Bi-atchh slap GOD, that's my own opinion
  3. My younger bro did not have acne, nor did he commit sucide like weaklings here, he enjoyed life, but it was stolen from him, there are more devastating diseases other than acne, ermmmm like maybe having Chronic myelogenous leukemia at the age of 8.
  5. I checked out your BMI is 18.9, you are very healthy and in the normal category, to put that into perspective you have to have a BMI of between 25-29.9 to be considered overweight, so your way below that. So try to stop eating on and off, eat healthy. We all felt like an alien one time or another, and I can relate to you. You are 100% normal like everyone else.
  6. Sorry I was away was watching Ghost Busters - Brought back a lot of memories First off: wetwet - I only shave the beard area, NEVER shave your whole face! (if you actually see one of Dans video, shes shaves all his face ) I only receive pimples in my beard area only, (right jawline). I glide the razor gently over the pimples, just give it a try, shave right thing in the morning, and you will see a noticeable differing the next day. acne_battle - I know acne can be very frustrating and you
  7. What really ticks me off is when people commit suicide, they don't understand what they put people through. I would take acne till the day i die for every breath of younger brother. Please! if you dont want to live for your self live for others.
  8. Doing something you enjoy will always lift your self esteem,
  9. I have been reading threads in this section I have came up with the problem with most of you guys. YOU NEVER TRY! Lemme explain, some of you guys are like so depressed you want to stay at home coz of your scars or acne. Think about this: Did Brad Pitt or Laurence Fishburne stay at home all day hiding or did they got out and apart from their acne and scars they made something out of them selves. Am not saying go out there and be an actor, but do what you want to be, either that be the next t
  10. SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE I swear if you shave everyday, you can keep acne out, it works and worked for me.
  11. Little background info: I have been suffering acne for 4 years I think, I only started caring about acne at the age of sixteen, it has never really affected me anyway. Anyways my whole family has had acne except my mother. My uncle seems to had it real bad, with serious acne scarring! My brother grew out of his at 18-19, my acne was serious but miraculously I have no scars except very very shallow scars. I get the usual spot here and there, but the strange thing is that spots only appear under m