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  1. From 3 months of suffering ACNE. til now i can't find the PRECISE SOLUTION to this problem. can anyone help me pls.. MY PLAN IS TO STOP ACNE and bring back my CLEAR SKIN BEFORE. I got dark spot on my face now... ohhhh my gosh! help
  2. anyone can recommend me the best EXFOLIANT?i need to remove the dark spot on my face brought by unstopable pimples. im in philippines. where to buy and how much?
  3. That's LIFE! Life is unfair !!! JUST LEARN THE RIGHT TO SURVIVE my friend! I know SOMEDAY, GOD will heal us.!
  4. Great news! My acne is starting to reduce it's amount when i use the following regimen 1st REGIMEN: Tender care (mild soap) Benzyol peroxide (PANOXIL) ESKINOL mix with Dalancin-c Olay total effects However, there are BLACK SPOTS remain on my face brought about my acne. So im planning for my 2nd REGIMEN: CETHAPHIL Derma Care Skin Lighter Lotion V (exfoliant) Myra Moizturizer Would this be okay? can anyone recommend me an EFFECTIVE WAY TO REMOVE THE BLACK SPOTS TOTTALLY IN MY FACE? If you
  5. I use maxipeel for exfoliation before but after 2 weeks , i started to have unstopable ACNE. What will i do now? I want to Remove all the acne/black spot brought by the DEVASTATING EFFECT OF MAXIPEEL. Now, I never realize why i come to this. The acne on my face lowers my SELF ESTEEM and it DESTROY my WHOLE PERSONALITY and even my DREAMS in life. To be honest with you, my ACNE sometimes causes DEPRESSION which lead me to unusual MENTAL FUNCTIONING. I can't ACCEPT THE REAL THING that is happeni
  6. Basic Secret #1: Using a Glycerin Based or Sorbitol Based Soap or Face Wash. (Any SUGGESTION for BRAND NAME? ) Secret #2: Regular Exfoliation Alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These are widely available over-the-counter and are the mildest form of fruit acids used to create a peeling of the skin. They work slowly over time to speed up the exfoliation process. I talk about this in greater detail in my book, "Acne Free in 3 Days." Basic Secret #3: Cut the Sugars (Any SUGGESTION for BRAND NAME
  7. Yeahh.. MAXIPEEL works for a single moment of time. But soon it will result to irreversable damage on your FACE. To be honest with u i try MAXIPEEL and it destroy my FACE so i won't allow others to suffer thE burdens. NO TO MAXIPEEL! Source: Base on EXPERIENCE
  8. Im FILIPNO and begging u 2 help me 2 remove the dark spot on my face brought by acne.what is the best SKIN WHITENING CREAM?where to buy?