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  1. The best thing I've ever used!

    I've struggled with acne since I was about 21 when I was diagnosed with rosacea and have tried SO many different products/methods to try and shift it. I had great success with BP originally, but my skin became intolerant to it, the same thing happened with Differin after initial good results. Skip forward a couple of years and my acne is back to where it was before I started any kind of treatment, I am now approaching 31 years of age and figured I'd exhausted all of my options with regards to cl
  2. I'm very careful not to get BP on the area around my mouth as it completely dries my lips out to the point where they are sore, wrinkled and as you say, look puckered! I recommend you stop putting BP on this area and start moisturising your lips regularly (I use vaseline) and hopefully they will return to normal! :]
  3. Oh be careful, I wouldn't put BP on the skin under your eyes! I've made the mistake of using a skin lightener containing acids and such there before, and I had lots of bumps appear like the ones you are describing, I bet it's a reaction to a product not acne. They should subside on their own within a few days if you make absolutely sure not to get any more of the 'offending' product there.
  4. I've carried on wearing foundation during the regimen but only because I know for sure that my foundation doesn't break me out, and I'm not ready to be seen without it. For the first week it did look pretty shocking what with all the flakey skin but that subsided with time and a really good moisturiser. If you can bring yourself not to wear it then that is probably best but if not, just make sure what you're using is oil-free and non-comedogenic :]
  5. Thanks for the reply Keffco! After I posted I got lucky and discovered a bottle of Simples 'Rich replenishing moisturiser' in my draw which I'd forgotten about. It seems to have worked amazingly well so far, I've gone from my face being a scaley flakey mess to smoooth as anything. I'm not sure its non-comedogenic though so if it doesn't work out I'll give the Avene a try :]
  6. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear, it's my HG foundation. It's non-comedogenic and oil free and it has never broken me out, like you I tried and tested a lot of foundations before I found this one!
  7. Before starting on the Regimen I was using an oil free moisturiser which worked great, but now it's not good enough. I am really suffering with redness and flakes which are a pain especially as I won't go without foundation, I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation and I'm just not at that point yet. So I'm wondering if anyone in the UK can recommend me a moisturiser? Preferably oil-free. I don't want to use Dan's as I can't use jojoba, I used it as the oil cleansing method last year and it is what d
  8. Just an update on how I got on with the Yasmin, I took it for two weeks and during that time my skin got worse, but I'd expected that. Unfortunately after two weeks I started having constant migraines, over 2 days I had 5, so I stopped taking it immediately. I haven't had a migraine since, I hope you're having better luck! I've now started using BP, which I'd been scared to try before because my skin is very sensitive, but so far so good it's working great. Good luck with the Yasmin! :]
  9. You could be right, since it did keep me 100% clear for a good few months, however I did start taking a zinc supplement recently, forgetting that you're not supposed to take them when you're on minocycline! So the breakouts could be related to that too. I've stopped taking it now. I told my Dr it didn't appear to be working but he just said 'it is a long term treatment, it's no quick fix, it looks to me like it's improving' I'd say that 9 months is already pretty long term for an antibiotic! Es
  10. Thanks for the reply! That was really helpful, I'm going to do the same and wean myself off it until I'm brave enough to go cold turkey, so to speak :]
  11. I've been on minocycline for about 9 months now and although it worked really well at first my acne has started to come back, mainly in the form of huge breakouts around my jaw which start about 2 weeks before my period. My Dr has prescribed me Yasmin which I started today, only he didn't tell me whether or not I'm to continue to take the minocycline, since I still have another 3 months worth left. Does anyone know whether they can be taken together, since the Yasmin is for my skin and not as