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  1. i just realized that you've left me a few notes. i posted some after pics and saw your notes. thank you for the kind words. my face is clear, which means i'm totally ecstatic about not having zits. i finish my treatment on thanksgiving. how is your treatment? truly, i pray the best for you. acne is no joke, regarding the toll it takes on one mentally and physically.

  2. i'm a 34 year old, black female, who has been suffering from cystic acne since 2001. on 7.11.08, i began 30mg of claravis (1x/day). i'm praying this ends my acne.
  3. what's good phil... i checked out your blog again and wanted to respond. even though you don't think your face or lips are really dry, moisturize anyway. better to start now, instead of waiting until your face and lips are flaking beyond belief and trying to moisturize. from my understanding, cortisone actually helps w/scarring. i was getting the injections, since starting accutane on 7.11.08. my skin has one noticeable scar, as a result of cortisone, but also my fault, as i popped it.
  4. I am so happy for you! I hope your breakouts continue to subside.

  5. just wanted to offer some add'l words of encouragement. i'm a 34 year old black female, who has been dealing w/cystic, nodular acne for 7 years or so. started sotret on 7.11.08 at 30mg (1pill/day). the 2nd month, i was bumped up to 60mg/day(2pills). i went through two hellacious breakouts and knew i'd be one of the people for whom sotret didn't work. i'm now more than 100 days into treatment and my skin looks great. mind you, my grandmother has asked if i had ringworms on my face. other
  6. i started accutane on 7.11.08. for the first month, was prescribed 30mg/day (1 pill). from the 2nd month going forward, i've been taking 30mg/2x/day (2 pills). i experienced the first breakout about 2-3 weeks into the first month. the 2nd breakout was probably the result of my dosage being doubled. in my opinion, my first breakout was a 6.5 on a scale of 10. the 2nd breakout was a 9 out of 10. all i wanted to do was hide in the house, as my face looked HORRENDOUS. it hurt to wash my face
  7. i think most people know accutane comes w/some serious side effects. for that reason, i hedged about taking it, even as my skin continued to worsen. finally, my skin got to the point where i was willing to risk the side effects. i'm in the 4th month of treatment (60mg/day) and have "only" experienced dry lips and two hellacious breakouts. hindsight is 20/20. had i known i would "only" experience two hellacious breakouts and dry lips, i would have been on accutane three years ago. my face i
  8. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I'm 35 y.o. and the pic on my page is from 2 years ago. My skin looks nothing like that now.

  9. Hi acne1913 I'm a black female on accutane as well. I started on 9/3 and things have not been to bas for me yet. (knock on wood! I hope thiings start looking better for you because I truly understand how you feel. I totally agree with you about how people that don't have acne don't understand how it affects your self-esteem. We will win this battle against ace, hang in there

  10. ) Do you suffer from acne? absolutely yes 2) What grade of acne do you suffer from? Grade IV Acne - Cystic acne and inflammation. 3) Do you feel like acne effects how introverted/extroverted (shy/outgoing) you are? absolutely yes 4) Does acne affect the likelihood of you befriending a person? (I.E. - Less likely to friend someone with bad acne.) not at all. i actually think it would draw me to that person. i feel like people who don't get acne don't understand. 5) Do you feel like acn
  11. you started one day before me. there are some other differences. i'm black, started on 30mg/1x/day for first month, then got bumped up to 30mg/2x/day for this month. i go back to derm on 9.8.08, for the start of month #3 and am unsure whether i'll get bumped again. not sure about your stats but i'm 5'5, 125lbs. i've gone through two breakouts. right now, i'm in the midst of one and have been extremely antisocial. i literally had to drag myself to work today. just wanted to leave you
  12. i was really bored last night. so, i read the contraindications and warnings for claravis. i started taking it on 7.11.08. i'm 5'5, 125 lbs and my derm prescribed 30mg/day (one pill). i was reading the dosage and administration section. it clearly states: 'the safety of once daily dosing w/claravis has not been established. once daily dosing is not recommended.' in continuing, i have severe recalcitrant nodular acne. i'm thinking these last three weeks have been a complete waste of time
  13. to tell you a little bit about my accutane experience... the main reason i am resentful towards doctors who prescribe accutane to young teens is because i was put on it when i was 13. i believe accutane is too strong and too dangerous of a drug to be prescribed to people under 16. i'm really surprised your dermatologist prescribed you accutane at 13 years old. from what i've read, that is way too young to be prescribed accutane.
  14. i checked out your pics. sidebar: your eyes are absolutely gorgeous. different things work for different people. i'm not a dermatologist, but maybe you should look into accutane. i was scared beyond belief, based on the possible side effects. however, the effects of acne take their toll on us sufferers as well. i've been on claravis (generic version) for a little more than two weeks. so far, my only side effect is dry skin, which i've addressed w/cetaphil moisturizer. i don't want to sa
  15. i started claravis about two weeks ago. before that, my derm would give me cortisone shots. she indicated i could get cortisone shots, while on claravis.