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  1. I haven't updated in quite awhile, mostly because there's not much to report... (& okay, I've been lazy.) I am still taking 10g of B-5/day, and I'm still doing quite well on it. In the morning since school started back up, I've been using equate cleansing towelettes. They're so easy to use because it requires no water and they only cost around $2.00! Plus, you can carry them with you at all times. In the evening I am using the visibly even, my skin feels refreshed every single time I use
  2. lol me too. Although it has helped me not be like, OMG look at her ___, that's gross/ugly/etc. Because I think maybe they just can't help it. You know? WHAT?! well said anyway
  3. Looked up Folliculitis and here are the symptoms: * Clusters of small red bumps that develop around hair follicles * Pus-filled blisters that break open and crust over * Itchiness or tenderness If you're seeing a derm, I'm sure they'd diagnose something like that...maybe ask next visit. I haven't tried any prescription creams/pills, so I can't really advise you on that stuff, but I just wanted to stop in on your log and wish you the best of luck. Keep us updated too
  4. Hang in there, you'll find something that works for you. Don't feel bad about yourself because of your skin, you're doing what you can and TRYING, which is what counts! Don't give up. Easier said than done, right? But I've heard great success stories here so I know it's possible. As far as school, I can't say I know exactly how you feel, my skin didn't start breaking out until my end years of hs, but not that long ago I had to meet a guy about some classes and my skin was having a horrib
  5. I didn't forget about you guys, honestly. Just been busy with school starting up again soon. Nothing much to update about, I had a tiny breakout on my forehead and chin, but I didn't go balistic over it. Probably due to stress, heat, etc. Also haven't been able to stick to my schedule for my B5 because things are so hectic, so that's partly to blame. When I take the B5 religiously (5x a day at the same times) my skin is wonderful looking. Miss or interrupt a dose and my skin goes a bit nut
  6. You know what the problem is SCalieGirl? I'm not even breaking out and yet I keep picking at my face. Mostly at old blemishes or just sweeping my fingers across my blemish prone areas. I have got to stop!! Day 10?? I read this huge article on how harsh cleansers are ruining our skin and one of the best cleansers to use is Cetaphil. I am considering adding that into my routine, for my morning cleanse. Anyone have good or bad experiences with Cetaphil products? Also, does your acne or pa
  7. Sounds like your skin is resistant against the meds. Ask your doctor to put you on something else or a higher dosage if possible.
  8. Personally acne treatments are too harsh for my skin. SA, BP, etc. generic or expensive, they just did not work for me. My acne was spread across my face, especially in my t-zone. I got desperate, research natural cures for acne and came across the B5 treatment. If you want to learn more, just email me or comment on here and I'll send you links and give you more information. I am currently on the B5 treatment and it's working well. I can honestly say my acne improved drastically. I know h
  9. I am annoyed right now. It's not like Im having a bad breakout or anything, but I looked in my 5x magnification mirror and gasped at what I saw. Redness all over my chin and sun damage on my forehead. Teeny tiny bumps from past breakouts that are still healing, and blackheads infesting in my nose and surrounding areas. Then I look in my normal mirror, hey, my skin looks awesome. It's been a bit over a week since I started taking 10grams of B5 and Im still thrilled its working- Im also terrif
  10. As far as using a moisturizer after putting on the tazorac, I really don't know. I've never used that product, but maybe do some research online and see if it's okay to use moisturizer with the tazorac, and if it is, definitely do so. As far as the other products you're using, I love neutrogena so Seems like you're taking all the steps to healthy skin! As far as your acne coming and going, it may be due to more lifestyle stuff than actual products. Watch your stress levels, and see if that
  11. Remember that guys can look past acne and see you are beautiful and they obviously do too, so don't stress too much!
  12. I've been stupid about treating acne. At one point I thought I could "scrub" it away, and started using scrubs several times a day. I've kicked and been mad at myself because I felt like the acne was my fault, like I was too dirty or something. Sometimes I thought it was a punishment from God, as if I was a bad person and deserved it for all of the rotten things I did. Acne can cause a lot of emotional stress which can cause irrational thinking. Luckily there is help like Acne.org to lend s
  13. When I first started developing acne, I was talking to my one day and she asked "What's going on with your face?!" I think she meant it out of concern, but I got embarrassed and shrugged. It was the first time I was dealing with skin issues, so I was at a loss. I guess I am lucky not to have friends who point out my flaws, and honestly, if someone is purposely doing so in front of a group like that, they are ignorant. If they had concern for you or your issues with acne, they would do it pr
  14. I have a 5x magnification mirror with bright "natural" light for this purpose alone. Florescent lighting is the worst, and will pick out every flaw you have, no matter how small...and like another member said, people see different things. PS: It makes me wonder who your school used to shoot photos, many places do an overall "retouching." Is your school cheap? lol
  15. If you're unhappy with Proactive, then definitely switch. It's silly to pay so much $$ per month when you're not happy with the results it's giving you. I haven't personally tried Proactive or SkinID, I was always afraid it would be too harsh on my skin. SkinID is kind of expensive, so look around your local drugstore for similar products first.