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  1. So I've basically haven't had any skin care routine for the past 2 years since I just got tired of doing it all you and thought I could just let it be. But now i'm back since I want to maybe see if I can give this one more shot by trying something simple and if I can get some results. I just need a little advice before I spend some money. I have lots of clogged pores and non inflamed acne that never seen to go away and when I do get rid of some of them they pop up a week or so later. I'm jus
  2. I feel just like you guys I'm 26 and my skin finally is feeling and looking better. It just makes me think of all the things I've missed out on with friends, opportunities, relationships. I'm gonna change things
  3. up until a week or so ago I thought I was totally screwed with having to live with this forever and maybe I still will. But like a month ago I got some poison ivy from working in my backyard and it was really annoying since it messed up all my hands and I use my hands for work so it's sucked to say the least. But I used some isopropyl alcohol 91% on my poison ivy and it worked great. I then did some research and decided why not use it on my face and that was 2 and a half weeks ago and I think
  4. bp I believe messed up my skin and clogged my pores up so much that I have sebaceous filaments that imo are much worse then anything else because they always come back. So thanks bp you f'd up my life forever
  5. So pretty much since 04 I've had the same problem with my skin. My pores get clogged and I get non- inflamed acne, especially around my nose and under my lip/mouth area. It's almost impossible to see but I've had a habit of extracting the white stringing stuff that comes up under the skin when pressured for years. The problem is the pores refill and a few days later especially under my mouth area I repeat the process. Sometimes if I don't do this something might come to the surface but not us
  6. Has anyone tried this product? Seems like it might do a good job to bring blackheads and non inflammed acne to the surface and to smooth skin out.
  7. so I'm either gonna try a MA after reading a thread above by lion queen or most likely thee Noxzema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser. Not completely convinced thou which I should try. Thanks again
  8. Cool man. Did u have the stringiness under the skin around ur nose and came out when pressured like me or no? And this product took care and got rid of that? I really appreciate the info I'm just trying to make sure I do the right research to try and purchase the right product for my condition. And it's just called Noxema? is it a aha? thank you again
  9. Noxema ehh...did you use it for clogged pores and similar symptoms as myself? And what were ur results? No I haven't seen my derm since I was a young teen due to the fact I haven't had health insurance but I just got a job through UPS and they offer it after a few months of employment so I guess I'll give this one more try before I have that chance to.
  10. No I haven't thought of that thank you. Where is that thread for that? Yeah I just looked Malassezia up and I don't think that's the case at all after seeing picks of what it is. My stuff doesn't look like that or really have many of the same symptoms as that. It's not itchy, painfull, red etc.. It's not that much but in the areas I stated just my nose and nostrils area always comes back but it's not to much and is under the skin and comes out in not much but lil white stringy stuff arou
  11. No I haven't thought of that thank you. Where is that thread for that?
  12. So I've had this ongoing problem for a couple years. I have pretty much no inflammed acne but my pores seem like they have been getting better over the past years except for a few problems areas that just seem to just fill back up after about a week after trying to push most of them out. the sides of my nostrils and the top of my nose never seems to go clear of these pores they just fill back up after a week. It is just really frustrating sometimes. I only use the regimens benzoil peroxide p
  13. I have really weird acne, a lot of the time it isn't very bad at all but I just use paulas choice beta hydroxy 2% acid lotion, cuz I was told that I have non-inflammed clogged pores, but they never seem to go away and occaciosal they'll get inflammed and be horrible, but I just need to get rid of these for good and acne in general it's killing me..
  14. hey I have a lot of non-inflammed clogged pores on my face and have been using paulas choice 1% bha lotion for the past 2 months and it has basically worked arlight I guess. But I want to know your guys and gals opinions what you think the best products for this and for exfoliating and getting rid of clogged pores. Thanks