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  1. Very informative. I've been thinking of getting a blender a long time ago but reading your story influenced me to check on our family's old juicer first to check if it's still working. Thanks for sharing, this made me think about the next time I would be indulging on simple sugars; when in fact i should be consuming more of the complex carbohydrates.
  2. I am currently trying this out since i don't have the money to individually get tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. I felt the sting when i first tried it. Hopefully this would be a good alternative to my Alba Botanica Acnedote Facial Cleanser. Info here: http://www.drugstore.com/desert-essence-cleansing-bar-tea-tree-therapy/qxp33975
  3. I just run out of facial cleanser. I'm also on a different regimen now, knowing that my face is full of scars and red marks and pimples just come around a day or two. I bought a new facial cleanser, it's Dessert Essence Tea Tree Therapy Bar, as an alternative to my Alba Botanica Acnedote Facial Cleanser. My question is, do i need to act as if this is my day 1 of the regimen or can i proceed to using aha. 2 Weeks ago, i ended up with a total of a month or more of the regimen. Unfortunately, there
  4. i have some on bumps on my face. i think those are hypertrophic scars. I myself am not sure if ACV would work on scars as well.
  5. tried the regimen but took long before it actually worked. i replaced bp with eskinol with dalacin-c, and so far pimples started to clear and left darkspots/ red marks. I'm still looking for an effective red mark remover here in the country, tried to look for liquid AHA, but to no avail, found any. Maybe thefaceshop's nature garden cleansing bar illuminating orange, will do the trick, but it's in bar form. is there any liquid AHAs available? and how about jojoba oil in the philippines?
  6. Ok thanks so much for the advice guys. Now i get it why some regimen only specify the use of aha and not bp. Actually, i dont think i'd be getting some aha anytime soon because shipping doesn't reach here in our country. I don't even know if it is introduced here, can't find it. Hopefully someday..
  7. ok guys thanks for the answers. I'm trying out the toner now, if this stuff doesn't work out in removing red marks then ill have to get some aha and jojoba oil.
  8. Oh. So, may i ask what are pores then? Because someone recommended that i try using a pore minimizer toner for my face.
  9. Ok, so much of i think in my face are red marks and not acne anymore. I'm confused if the redmarks are called PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or pores[?]. I've been researching on the net and they say toners can minimize pores while for PIH they say that using aha and other topical treatments could work.
  10. How long have you been on the Regimen? Is the reason you switched cleansers because of the itchiness? And the new cleanser still makes you itchy? If you are new to the Regimen, some itchiness is normal but it's usually from the bp, not the cleanser. I've been on the regimen since june 2009. To be honest, i switched cleansers starting mid september. I also thought that it was a good thing because i saw that the cleanser i've read good review from it in the treatment reviews section of t
  11. I've been on the regimen then i changed my cleanser. My face is very itchy before then, and after changing my facial cleanser the itchiness stays and everyday after washing my face, my face becomes itchy. Does this mean i am allergic to the new facial cleanser or is it normal to have a face that is itchy from the transition of changing facial wash to another? That is, when this new cleanser was bought i immediately switched from my old one to this without stopping. Should i stop one day and rep
  12. Ah i see. Thank you very much for the replies. I'll stick to my regimen and add some tea tree oil maybe late 2009 because I requested from a friend to buy me a pure tea tree oil.
  13. oh i see. I would like to ask about tea tree oil if it can be used on moderate-severe acne? thanks for the reply by the way. To be honest i've tried the regimen for a year but sadly stopped because i forget to wash my face due to stressful activities and because of school. The i started again come this year of june. I think rest and exercise would be beneficial for me, but i wanted to clarify things on the regimen.
  14. I have started with my regimen again just this june. My BP is running out and im thinking of getting a new one, it is panoxyl 2.5% acnegel. Then one day, my cousin recommended that i use a toner that if i remember correctly, contains 1% salicylic acid. This are my questions. Is it OK to include the TONER in my everyday regimen? Should i replace BP with a toner that contains Salicylic acid? regards.