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  1. I just started 100mg flush, not time release, last night right before bed, I was tired and fell asleep pretty quickly so I don't know if "flushed" or not and I'm also a heavy sleeper. In earlie pots someone suggested starting off with smaller doses and go up to 500mg to help acclimate your body to the flushing. I have been suffering from hormonal acne and hopefully this will help, I plan to increase 100mg per week (or every other) until I'm at 500mg. Will report back in exactly one week and let
  2. OB w/o applicator, are the smallest I've tried. i have this problem of fiding tampons too...ugh....much for me...but OB w/o applicator may be a lil akward at first you'll get the hang of it, and again, the smallest size ever!
  3. i had a terrible onset of acne caused by brith control/hormones. my solution...i stoppoed taking birth control period. my skin, since stopping, has slowly started to clear up and get A LOT better. i went from the patch to yasim to yaz and then to ortho tri-cyclyn. after discussing with my primary. gyno and dermo, we decided to try the no borth control thing and yaddya know... you're not crazy, you may be on the right track, plus cheeks, chin and around the mouth are usually due to hormones
  4. bare esentuals has not broken me out so far. but mineral make up typically best for acne prone skin. you can watch the tutorial video on youtube. truth be told. i had never ever used ANY makeup before (sans eyebrow liner and mascara) its extremely easy to put on n the video helped me know how to apply and little tips. i agree with most who say they don't trust ladies at the sales counter. watch out for that!
  5. hey, thanks for both your posts on the finacea, let me know how your progress is, and you're right, patience! I'll post again in another few weeks with my results, thanks again!
  6. Hello All, I have super tough skin, super tough. I use a 10% glycolic toner (2-3 times daily) and juist started to use finacea (about one wk) twice daily. Despite other ppl's reviews and comments. It doesn't itch, burn or irritate my skin in any way whatsoever. Should I ask for Azealez? Its' got 20% compared to finacea's 15%. But i also heard that despite the stonrger dosage, fiancea absrobs a lot better, hence more effective. It's been working the same as duac for me, slowly, slowly l
  7. don't put that on your face! it may make you break out more! what's your daily skin routine?
  8. try not to use it more than 3 times a wk, u dont want to irritate ur skin and doing it too frequently can also build up tolerence quicker, good luck
  9. i usually put some tea tree oil on it, with a qtip and dab a lil lightly, most times they comeout anyways (f*ckers), but even once in a while it actually doesnt (amen). i dont have sensitive skin, so pure tea tree oil works for me. the body shop has a 15% version with withch hazel and whatnot, i switched to the pure after using the 15%, good luck
  10. lucky you, i also use it and its helped somewhat but not completely, damn stubborn blackheads, trying a new Rx this weekend (finacea) good luck!
  11. how do u even know theyll be real? online purchases of Rx medication, although do-able, isnt legal in the first place. in addition to all the other risks mentioned here already, since you dont know what youre getting, it could have adverse, or even deadly, effects. if you really feel u are a good candidate for accutane, then speak with your doctor, speak up, theyre supposed to listen to you. if they disagree, ask for an explenation why. if youre not satisfied with that, find a new dermo.
  12. that was the best and funniest rant, and i completely agree. it is fing snnoying, the worst is when they try to placate you by saying, oh its not that bad youre the only one that notices its not as bad as you think, yadda yadda yadda... but im not bitter whatsoever i swear ;-)
  13. my dermo prescribed this to me only after I adamently refused to go on accutane. dont get me wrong, iw ould love to get rid of the zittys, however, considering i don't get cysts nor baody acne, i didn't feel the risks of the side effects outwegihed my desire for clear skin. wtf. isn't acctuane supposed to be like the one of the last options b/c ntg else worked? she prescribed me doxyciline and differen, then duac, then when i came in for my follow-up she said im a good candidate for accutane
  14. hi guys. just got finacea and ive been using duac for about 4 months, duac has helped but still get some blackheads. finacea is supposed to help that but also scarring. but just wanted some ppl who use this to let me know how often you use it. to give yo uan idea of how "sensitive" my skin is... proactiv irritates and dries my skin out, weird that duac doesn't do that at 5% bp instead 2.5%. i also use a 10% glycolic based toner (twice daily), and use oil of olay facials scrubs. they're rou
  15. differin 3%, didn't do jack doo doo for me, hormonal acne, duac works better. weird but proactiv which is only 2.5% bp irritated me like o other, but duac (5% BP) doesn't irritate or dry me out at all, weird.