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  1. thx for the replys, however i dont think its going to be good news when i go to the derm next week as its now like this all over my entire face and my ears aswel alot of the time...not looking good at all. losing alot of hope for it to dissapear =(
  2. Hi there, I've just taken myself off Roaccutane aswel as my face has been burning up n going a the deepest red/purple colour for no apparent reason...I'm devestated as I think it is Rosacea aswel. I'm petrified because apparently its permament. What did your Derm say for you to do about it? did he think it might go away?
  3. Thx guys, I'm going to see my Derm in about 1.5 weeks time..I really hope it goes away and is not permament =( that would just be another huge kick in the guts
  4. I need to be emo here.. I'm so dissapointed and upset right now. I started my 2nd course of Roaccutane about 2.5 months ago and I've decided to stop it. The reason for this is that on my right cheek for about a week now I've developed this deep red/purple colouring that spreads down my face at random times and it burns like crazy..looks like I'm a burn victim seriously when it happens several times a day. I dunno why it happens, its not like I'm doing anything differently to cause it to happen =
  5. Be carefull. I thought I was fine drinking whilst on it but one time just outta the blue after a night out drinking I got some really bad pains and got pretty sick. Went to the doctor the following week coz I wasn't feeling any better, he took some blood tests and sure enough my liver levels were sky high and yea it wasnt good, took agessss to get the levels back to normal and still now I'm heaps more sensative to alcohol. But thats just me, all I'm saying is don't have the same attitude as what
  6. I'm a perfume freak aswel haha!! My three favs atm are: Midnight Poison-Dior -frickin awsume purfume stays on good aswel! Babydoll-not sure who its made by but its sooo good! Green Tea-Elizabeth Arden- great cheap perfume, stays on good and get alot of comments about it. I too wanna buy a new perfume soon =D they just too darn expensive most of them lol! -PinkInk
  7. Hi there Will, Sorry to hear about that =( That would really discourages one for sure expessialy if you were starting to see results. However you gotta look after your body functions and sometimes Roaccutane can stuff them around a fair bit, trust me I know, my liver hated me there for ages. Maybe you'll be able to try it again in the future?? you never know.. In the meantime try to stay positive and try new things(even though you probally already have) but they might just work? Also maybe ask
  8. Wow you sound like such a good friend to have! =) Maybe you could help by exploring other options for treatments for her?? The things your saying to her are so nice Good on ya! keep it up she really will be appreciating it. Hope shes feeling better real soon. All the very best to you and your friend. -PinkInk
  9. That is so mean! I really feel for your friend and anyone else who has had to go through similar situations like that. I've had crappy skin since I was about 11 or 12 yrs old. In yr 8 this bitch told me to wash my face with soap(which I'd tryed heaps before but because I've got freakishly sensative skin it made it irritate more) and then the bitch would continue to touch her face and be all like "see i wash my face with soap every day and night and look i never get any zits" GEH! I just felt li
  10. I've been interested in this topic also. Personaly I dont think its a safe injection to get. Purely on the fact that they dont know what side effects will happen to girls later on in their lives who get the vaccine and I also read in the newspaper the other week that the cervical cancer injection has had the most cases of severe reactions out of any other injection(well here in australia anyways) to girls who have recieved it, they have even been life threatening. Ovarian cancer is the one I'd
  11. I found the one good thing about when I smoked was that it helped dry out my skin a little. However I do believe it does heaps of damage to your skin in the long run. -PinkInk
  12. Hey there, I know exactly how you feel about not wanting to see a guy when you have bad skin, been there done that a million times, it sucks. It seems as though you both like each other so maybe just give it a shot and see how it goes? However, as he's been seeing this other girl, just be carefull that you dont end up being the 'girl on the side' if you know what i mean. All the best! - PinkInk
  13. Damn that would really suck. I hope your arm gets better soon anways. All the best. - PinkInk
  14. Hey. I know how you feel.. I'm turning 20 this year and I still havent held down a job. I hate my skin( i get acne and bad eczema just to name a few) and I just feel so ugly and disgusting. I know I've gotta buckle down and get in the real world but it would be so godamn easier without all these skin issues, I've already got pretty low self esteem and well it doesnt make it any easier to say the least. All I can say is, maybe try go for a job where you dont have much people contact..might make y