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  1. Just a quick post for anyone with eye or mood problems. As you're all aware accutane is a derivitive of vitamin A and although it similar acts in a different way. It is very likely that if you have low vitamin A while swamping your body with accutane the accutane will bind instead of the actual vitamin A -- causing vision/mood distortion and perhaps other problems. If this is true, it's would be especially important in the pre-acctuane stages to have high vitamin A. If you're currently on an
  2. @OP I'm sorry you've messed up your life. I too have not much to live/hope for. I think in many ways, I am luckier than you as I can have no regrets over my circumstances. Either way, I know how you feel and there is nothing anyone can do or say now to change it.
  3. Or two midgets / retards. And everyone is like "Did they go out with each other, because they have the same condition?!!" As for me, it's not that I would only go out with a perfect girl -- but acne/bad skin is something I have spent too many years absolutely hating. I find perfect skin very attractive as a result, and bad skin a big turn off. And other things, like being over weight for instance or a different problem wouldn't bother me. As it's not something that is so emotive. (I've alw
  4. Has anyone else noticed, they dislike people with acne? In theory I should sympathize with them and what not, but when I see someone with acne, I just instantly have bad feelings/thoughts of them. Perhaps it's because I've spent the last 5 or so years of my life cursing acne every single hour of the day. But in reply to the question, of course I would. Without hesitation either. But I would probably jump off a building after doing it.
  5. People will strike at what ever they think will hurt. Just brush it off. It's life. Unfair and cruel.
  6. Yeah, get a new one. Don't support him, by going to him. My derm is much better. Although she refuses to properly treat my acne, but at least she makes it seem trivial. "Acutane? You don't need that! Look, this will work perfectly for you. Just give it 2 - 3 months and it will be fine. I'm positive of it" Or "You call that acne? Don't worry about it, but I'll give you X. It'll clear it up in 2 months. But don't worry about it." (when I have damn terrible acne) At least she leaves me feeling s
  7. The mirror / camera doesn't lie. What you see, is what you are - based on the light. Do a simple experiment. Take a mirror with you to a florescent light room. You'll look like shit. Take it outside, you'll look bad. Take it to a nicely soft yellow light and you'll look much better. Same goes with a camera. What ever are the lighting conditions, that's what it's going to show. And that's what people see. My attic is all florescent lighting, so I took a camera and mirror up there. Looked in t
  8. No one's up for it? No opinions?
  9. I find that "avoiding" is a lot harder than abstinence. And when you refuse, just explain why. Just be extremely strict about it. No exceptions.
  10. This is unbelievable that I found this post. I've actually (in the last week) been brushing my tongue every day. And my acne has gone heaps better. But I'm not sure if it's the tongue brushing. As I'm currently doing: Vitamin D, topical and a new anti-biotic. But still this is quite a coincidence .-. keep up posted
  11. Read about Vitamin D here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_D Essentially it's a fat soluble prohormone that is produced when you're in the sun. I am not going to make up theories about how Vitamin D deficiency causes acne, but I think we have a strong correlation. In my experience, people that are out in the sun a lot never have acne. None of the sports jocks I know have acne, while a LOT of the "nerds" (indoor) people do. (Me included). I know that correlation isn't causation (people w
  12. ha i feel the same. its hard. i did go on a diet before and i cleared...but this time i'm being more strict and cutting out gluten stuff and milk. i think you have to do for a while before you can cheat and eat of the yummy goodies without breaking out. Just stick with it dude. man its like, hunger satisfaction or acne..which one you like?

  13. A little, but only enough to convince me that acne is diet related. But not enough that I know what I should and shouldn't be eating. ARrrrrgggh

  14. so has your diet worked...

  15. For anyone that's reading this. Acne free in 3 days is a scam, for all intents and purposes. (but it seems to help, actually) I'm trying a new approach "Wai Diet" -- look it up. In their bulletin boards, they have a massive success rate (>90%). And they don't want anything (the book is available free). The theory is that acne is caused by (deep) skin sweeling, which blocks off the pores. Which makes it ideal for bacteria etc. They say the deep skin swelling is from "dirty protein". So they