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  1. This journal is really old, but i was just remembering that it even existed and thought I'd update, hopefully as inspiration to others who are just starting out. In any case, at the end of the day, or rather, at the end of the initial breakout, Retin-A is a godsend. I DO NOT get cysts anymore, and the two "pimples" that I get just before my period are usually the size of a pinhead, literally -- I guess they are more whiteheads than a pimple? In any case, they are invisible to anyone but me p
  2. Jan 27th -- when was the last time I had any kind of blemish? Maybe September? And even that wasn't a cyst. Last one of those was in June with NuvaRing I think. Awesome.
  3. Apologies to those of you who have asked questions to which I have yet to respond. The answer is, yes, I did get less oily when I upped my %age. Also, I am using the cream these days, rather than the gel, for insurance reasons (insurance stopped covering non-generic), and my face is actually drier with the cream, so I doubt that is making the difference. Anyway, still in the same situation in which I have no pimples, zits, cysts, anything. Also, my skin tone is finally evening out -- it's no l
  4. Just wanted to make a quick note that apparently my insurance doesn't cover RAM (brand name) anymore, so I've switched to 0.1% generic tretinoin -- made the switch maybe 2 weeks ago? 3 wks? Anyway, despite the cream being much creamier than RAM gel -- which I was a little bit worried about -- it appears to be fine thus far. Didn't get any kind of IB the way I did when I switched strengths of RAM, though I do feel like I am more peel-y. Not flakey, just that if I rub my hand on my face, I am like
  5. Just dropping in to say hi and good luck to you! Glad to hear that my log was helpful, and also I'm glad to hear that maybe a higher strength RA is working for you? Hang in there!
  6. I can't really tell how many days/weeks in you are but you might want to take a look at my log as I too felt really oily on RAM 0.04% and had an insanely long IB (8 wks? 10 wks? it was horrible) Re: moisturizer, I now swear by pure jojoba oil. I KNOW that the O-word can be scary, but my skin got a lot LESS oily when I started using this, after both no moisturizer and also Oil of Olay Complete 15 for Sensitive Skin making me an oily mess. You can read about why jojoba oil is great for your skin
  7. Still clear and my skin is starting to look, like GOOD. Definitely better than my skin even before I started having major acne problems. It is smooth and has a nice pinkish glow. Yay Retin-A! Take home lesson: persist, but also increase the strength of your prescription if your IB seems never ending. That was really what saved me.
  8. Skin is doing great without hormones. Barely even a blackhead to pick at. Hooray!
  9. I've really enjoyed using Jojoba Oil (straight) for the last 9 months or so. Jojoba oil is completely non-comedogenic and is allegedly very close to the molecular structure of sebum (skin's own oil). Which means that, allegedly, your skin produces less oil. I definitely have gone from having oily skin to totally normal skin while using it, though of course I'm on RAM too. Another plus is that it's cheap -- $7 for a bottle that will probably last about a year and a half. Google it for more info
  10. I decided to ditch NuvaRing. i got a few cysts last month with it and I was just like, forget it. My skin+progesterone=trouble. i took the thing out and so far my skin is back to normal/clear. Not sure I have anything else to update. I do feel like areas that got hit particularly bad with cysts/pimples last year are finally getting back to a normal tone, which is nice.
  11. Wow! Look at your skin! I am another long term (Aug 7 will be 13 months) RAM user, with I think similar progress to you (though totally different acne). It's inspirational to see how your skin *tone* has become so lovely. Thanks for posting!
  12. My Nuvaring experience is so far so good, I guess, after a few small (non-cyst) pimples at first. I have had this spot on my chin for the last month that was never really anything but has kept peeling, which makes it red, but aside from that I really have had nothing going on with my skin for at least a month. Areas of my face that have been highly acne-d over the last year are still redder than the rest, which is annoying, but that is all. I am also using Everyday Minerals concealer and powde
  13. No new anything since those four cysts, thank god. But mostly I am posting to add that I've started NuvaRing for purposes totally unrelated to acne. I thought about asking for Yaz to see if it would do anything for my skin, but I liked that the hormones in NuvaRing is the lowest possible. There is one website with horror stories about NuvaRing and acne, and a lot with people saying that clearer skin was a pleasant side effect. We'll see I suppose. Still loving the Neutrogena sunblock by the wa
  14. Well, I definitely had some setbacks this month. In the form of FOUR cysts around my chin during ovulation. They are mostly winding down now, and nothing else has come up (thank god), but it wasn't fun to have to deal with them AGAIN. Onward and upwards I guess. I feel like part of the problem might have been that I let me water consumption dwindle.
  15. Still clear with the exception of a tiny whitehead I got around the time of my period. No kidding, a tiny whitehead, and that was it. My face is all of a sudden not red anymore either, which might be the result of the sunscreen? I don't wear any makeup or concealer anymore. It's great. Couldn't be happier, though my skin is far from airbrushed looking.