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  1. Has anyone here tried AcnEase for cystic acne? I have like 5 or 6 medium-size bumps on my jaw line and BP doesn't work on cystic acne so i'm trying and hoping to find a good acne treatment that would work for cystic acne. People say that Accutane would definitely cure all kind of acne with the shortest time, but it has one down side - Depression Psychosis, that is. But then i searched the net and found out about AcnEase. Basically, AcnEase cures cystic acne (that's what they say on their website
  2. Is Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin good for go out in the sun? where is that on this website? And, if i wear Dan's moisturizer and go out in the sun, is that bad for my oil skin? thanks again for helping.
  3. I have an oil face and since it's getting really hot lately, there's more oil coming out of my face. I use the oil-absorbing sheets to remove the oil, but i'm just wondering, is Dan's Cleanser for oil or dry faces, or both? What about Dan's moisturizer? is it okay to put on Dan's moisturizer and go out the devil-hot sun? Thanks
  4. Yup, I've had them all my life, and my doc removed them all, its called cistic acne, its ainless to get them removed, my doctor is great. Theres alot of quacks out there who just want your money, and prescribe shit that doesnt work, I've been there and done that! I know what works, I'm 37, and did it all! Let me know if you want to chat! What did your doctor do to your cysts? Did s/he like give you a shot on those acne or someth? I have these too and they're really noticeable to me.
  5. But mine has a yellow head, and i think that by poking a hole and gently pressing a little around the cyst will help. Don't you think so? Everyone? If you've popped a cyst before, did your cyst have a yellow head??
  6. is Differin helping you with cysts or just wild acne? My forehead and cheeks don't have cysts and after i tried BP, i don't see any wild acne either anymore on my cheeks, but on my chin there are just like 5 or 6 small cysts with one of them a size of a pencil eraser.
  7. You're not serious are you? Man, i was just like seconds away from pinning it!!! But after reading your post, it scares me to death dude. Well, i guess i should wait then :( (patiently and hopelessly)
  8. mm....i think i'm gonna go with poking a small hole and squeeze out the puss. Hopefully that would work for me. I'm so sick of these cysts already!!!
  9. Okay, i'll try icing it. But one of my cysts has a size of pencil eraser and now after sometime, it develops a head, then now that yellow head turns to a purple head. Do you think i should use a pushpin and kindda poke a hole so the stuff inside can drain out and then apply BP?? (actually, i'm asking everyone, if you've done this, please also give some comments or anything at all would be a great help, thanks)
  10. could someone please help me? I don't want him to have a severe acne face in the near future, so please, any comments or suggestions would all be appreciated. Please help, thanks.
  11. @ ooCASoo: thanks for the long post, really appreciate it. But here's the weird thing. I have like 5 or 6 cysts on my chin and they're pretty small, but one of them is the size of a pencil eraser. I've heard that cysts and nodules don't actually have heads and the other day when i was reading this post (somewhere in this forum) about putting a hot green-tea pack on the cysts to heat them up so the stuff inside the cysts could "melt" and so i did try. Then, one of my cysts (the biggest one) began
  12. hi again. He woke up this morning and tried the BP again. I noticed that his forehead and the area on his cheeks where he applied the BP looks pretty red, but he said he doesn't feel itchy or anything. It just looks kindda red. Is that normal since this is his second time applying the BP? please help. Thanks.
  13. mmm...so the only choice when it comes to cysts is derms. Guess it can't be helped. But i'm broke at the moment...sniff....with no insurances not to mention.
  14. I told him to try BP last night and he said he doesn't feel anything when applied the 3-step system regimen. I need to wait till him wake up and see the results until i could come back with more questions. But y'all have been great help. Thanks a lot!