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  1. you are thinking of canal street in the city....they sell knockoffs there.

    1. yeah i'll be in NYC Sept 13-15.. Not long enough!! where is that part of town that sells fake purses etc ?

      1. yea i live in ny. I live half hour drive from Manhattan. Its great where I live because its nice and quiet and peaceful and when im in the mood for fast paced city I can just take train or drive in. You're coming in sept?

        1. u live in NY? i am so jealous! i am coming to NYC in Sept just for a weekend :)

          1. lol You copied my name! :P

            1. I totally understand how you feel. I am 24 years old and just recently I have been breaking out like crazy on and off for past two years and hate when people think they need to add their two cents! I have my good and bad days with acne i can wakeup and have just a couple of small pimples and my usual red marks that can easily be covered by makeup and then some days I have painful monstrous cysts. Hate when people point out the obvious about my face. Yes I know I have pimples thankyou for bri
            2. It's so funny I just placed an order with EM for the first time over the weekend and I was having trouble actually paying for it at the end of the transaction. I tried paying with my debit card and I wouldn't go through then I tried with electronic check when that didn't work I paid through paypal and finally went through. The next day when I checked my bank statement and EM charged my account 3 times!!!! I finally got in touch with Customer service and hopefully my account will be refun
            3. Hi, Have you ever considered that you may be allergic to BP? Many people are super sensitive to it and dont even know they are allergic to it. Or may be you need something more than moisturizer like jojoba oil?
            4. Nikki_D

              nics pics

              these pictures are of me when my acne seemed to be under control..........I will post pictures of me with no makeup on so you can my acne..........I have good days and bad days. I'd have to say that these pics are good days. I started dans regimen last week so far so good.....I will post update soon..