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  1. I have the BP Gel and use Cetaphil Antibaterial Cleansing Bar (get from Walmart). Everymorning before work, I shower and use the Cleansing bar and wash my face in the Shower for about 1 minute and a half. After I get out of the shower, I get dress. After 20 minutes, I apply the BP Gel and head out to work. I use the Eucerin Renerwal Alpha Hydroxy lotion once i get to work cuz by then, the BP Gel dry and it's clear! I repeat the process when I shower at night and go to bed. after 3 weeks,
  2. Reign


    my before pic before the regiment
  3. Hey, after two months on the regiment, my skin is clear with the exception of one or two acne spots here, (that's cuz I stopped for a bit). But yes it works! Thanks Dan! Here are some before and after pics. I'll post the pic on before and after. look under Reign.