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  1. Hi all I was wondering how everyone takes off their makeup while on DKR regimen? I use bare minerals as my foundation. I tried ponds cold cream which seemed like it clogged my pores. Olay foaming face wash just dried my skin out. Now Im trying just jojoba oil to break down the makeup and then wipe it away w/ a damp washcloth. Has anyone tried this method??
  2. Hi, Im currently using cetaphil gentle cleanser monring/nite to cleanse and dans BP only at nite. Im confused how to use the AHA treatment. Do you use it a couple times a week or daily? I tried putting BP then a little bit of the AHA and it BURNED like crazy. I think my skin is way to sensitive to use 2 treatments (BP and AHA) at once. Please help!
  3. Okay I feel like bare minerals original base is a really good foundation when on the DKR regimen HOWEVER I feel like 1-2 hours after applying the foundation my faces looks so shiny! I even apply the finishing powder mineral veil and its still shiny 2 hours later. Its weird because my skin isnt really oily its more combination/dry. Did anyone else experience this and if so how did you fix it?
  4. Hi all, Okay Ive been on the DKR regimen for approximately 5 weeks. However I'm only applying BP once daily at night because my skin is extremely sensitive. In the 3rd week I've tried applying BP 2x a day starting out slowly but I still got EXTREMELY irritated, red, itchy, face. Then I went back to applying BP only once at night. My face is clearing up (still breaking out but not as much) but I know for a fact that I have to apply BP x2 a day to get clear skin. Here is my problem...I hav
  5. Dan, Can you please add a section on this website for how to start the regimen for those of us with sensitive skin? I've been doing the regimen only 1x per day for 3 weeks and my skin is clearing up but I still need to do the regimen 2x a day to get clear skin. However I'm having a really difficult time trying to find out how to do the regimen x2 a day because my skin is VERY sensitive. Help those of us with sensitive skin! I feel like the regimen steps are for people with oily skin!
  6. Thanks for keeping us motivated!
  7. Thank you so much for your help I appreciate it! Its so hard to have sensitive skin AND acne because the only products that work against acne wreck havoc on sensitive skin : (
  8. Ive been doing the regimen once daily at night time since my skin is really sensitive. Ive been applying BP once a night for approximately 3 weeks. Ive just recently (For 3 days) began doing the regimen x2 a day every other day....meaning..... Day 1: Morning: Cleanse, BP, moist w/ jojoba oil Night: Cleanse , BP, moist w jojoba Day 2: Morning: Cleanse, moist w jojoba oil (NO BENZOYL PEROXIDE) Night Cleanse, BP moist Day 3 Morning: Cleanse, BP, moist w/ jojoba oil Night: Cleanse
  9. I feel like I have to help you out with this bc its not a good idea to quit when your already a month in. I purchased the DKR products including cleanser, treatment and moist. The treatment is the only one that I kept.You DO NOT have to use dans products to achieve clear skin. I had the same problems as you and I switched to Cetaphil GENTLE cleanser bc dans cleanser made my skin dry and flaky. I also switched to cerave moisturizing lotion which I highly recommend. Here is my regimen that helped
  10. Hi all, I started the regimen approximately 8 days ago. My face is red, dry, irritated, and itches. Ive been using BP only on at night. Even in the morning after NOT putting any BP on my skin still looks irritated. I read on this website that sensitive skin should start out slowly and apply BP once a day for a week then after a week apply BP twice a day. I don't know whether or not I should start applying 2x a day? I feel like my skin is taking FOREVER to ajdust. I do have really sensitive r
  11. I just started the regimen about a week ago. My skin is really sensitive so I started out slowly by only applying benzoyl peroxide at nite. I was wondering if anyone has experienced increased facial flushing when starting the regimen? My face turns a lil pink when Im hot but not this bad! Does it eventually decrease when your skin gets use to the regimen! Its so embarrassing because Im in the nursing field and everyone thinks Im embarrassed all the time!
  12. Anyone else's face greasy from adding jojoba oil to your moisturizer? I use cerave moist btw. I only add 2 drops of oil and my face looks so greasy..I feel like its just sitting on my skin. How does dan add 6-7 drops??
  13. Hi, I have really bad red marks left over from acne. I have been using Sodium Sulfacetamide to clear up the acne which has worked pretty well but still get a few pimples. Now the problem is my face is covered in red marks. I want to start using a retinoid to fade the red marks but im really confused which one do you think works better...Retin a, tazorac, or differin? It seems that retin a is more popular. Also, can I still use sodium sulfacetamide 2x a day while on a retinoid? I'm really scared
  14. Hi Im a little confuse on how to use lemon juice on the face. How many times to you apply it a day and do you was it off? Right now Im using cetaphil cleanser, sodium sulfacetimide 2x a day, and olay moisterizer. I have sensitive skin btw. Please help!
  15. I want everybodys opinion on Sodium Sulfacetamide and Benzaclin. Which topical lotion do you think works better? I used benzaclin and had amazing results but my face was VERY VERY VERY dry and red. I just started using the sodium sulafcetamide. Please let me know your opinions on them if you used them.