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  1. It could help but i would not bet on it curing your acne, but you can give it a try. No multi vitamin has ever helped my acne. then wtf do i have to do to cure my acne?????i try everything...acne fuckin sucks..i try to eat right and nothing happens i dink plenty of water n nothing happens..i just dnt know anymore..i have had enough of this bullshit
  2. do u think centrum vitamins can help battle acne?? and in the long run actually get rid of acne???
  3. i just bought the e book acne free in 3 days by chris gibbson...im very confused...has someone bought it??can u explain to me what i exactly have to do??
  4. the red marks honestly arent that badd......idk why it looks soo red n shit...but will drinking water help reduce the redness???? what can i do?
  5. can water reduce these marks???and heal the pinkness....or the redness or w.e...wtf can i do>?
  6. i have had this big red pimple for about 4 days..its that type of pimple that looks like a mole.(bump)..its starting to puss...but i kno my pimples..and its that type of pimple thats gona leave a red mark for like 6 months...wtf can i do??? im totally goin nuts...will putting ice heal the redness? or should i let it heal on its own?
  7. i have a big red pimple bump..not white yet...hopefully it wont turn white...what kind of toothpaste should i use for a spot treatment?
  8. i been puttin it on..this is my 3rd day..n if anything it dries out my skin..but which is good cause it dries out the active pimples..n my skin looks clearer i guess...the red marks.. are just brownish now..
  9. i read alot of good reviews on honey for the skin....and im wondering if anybody has put on honey to treat their acne or acne marks or scars...if so how was your experience?
  10. i think i have sensitive skin....in the morning i wash my face n then in the afternoon my skin gets oily..i have some redmarks from other pimples n i also have some red acne scars on my cheeks...n i still breakout...is benzoyle peroxide right for me or should i just use salicylic acid???...will the benzoyle make my red acne scars even redder?????
  11. im going crazy..im panicking soo much...im goin to a concert on wed and i got breakouts plus red acne marks...WTF....life sucks...i cant even see my gf cause of this acne bullshit..i already washed my face like 3 times today...im soo depressed...why the fuck did god ever create acne for..idk what to do..im at my worst
  12. i used to put on tazorac when i was younger......my bro's derm gave him a big tube of tazorac cream...but he doesnt really use it....i get chemical peels every 3 weeks...would it be a good idea to put on tazorac even though im gettin the peels???