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  1. Whatsup guys, finally went to a dermatologist justto get my face looked at. I pretty much just wanted an opinion on my skin condition from all the abuse the last 8 years. So I got a sulfur based cleanser which is awesome by the way! And a topical to even out the skin which is working well to... But what I though was cool was that he suggested some vitamins to take and he believes about healing from the inside out. So I liked that because Im a bodybuilder and thats what i believe as well. My q
  2. Yeh its crazy, it like a different face. All one color, just smooth.
  3. I usually try to only wash my face at least once a day, twice if i really need to. Before bed I just splash warm water a few times on my face and dry off. In the morning, my face is smooth, no redness, hardly any oil, any pustules are smaller, dried up, or come to a head. Overall my face looks the best in the morning. WHY?
  4. I used the regimen for a couple years with different products and narrowed it down to Cetaphil and Jojoba for cleanser, BP, Jojoba mousturize. Finally was clear enough and was just tired of the sensitive skin and dryness. Now I use Johnsons head to toe, brought the mousture back and works very well, and jojoba to mousturize. Add some baking soda few times to clear blackheads and dry/flaky skin. Im clear 85% of the time, with normal skin some oil sometimes. Just once in awhile i get the breakou
  5. Hi everyone, first time posting here, been looking on this site for the last few years and love it! Just wondering if you guys can check out my pic. I used to have moderate maybe more type of acne, now its just around the mouth, mustache area. They start out as a skin colored little(sometimes bigger bump), gets a little red 2nd day, then forms a whitehead really fast! Sometimes there itchy. This is the only place i get them anymore. Any help or suggestions i'd appreciate it. Any more info just a