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  1. I just keep reminding myself that at the end of the treatment, I will have clear skin. I think all derms have you do it differenlty. Some have you take more and some less that you have to.
  2. Welcome to acne.org. :D

  3. So like a month ago I started to take Isotretinoin for the third time now. the first 2 times I took it it worked fine, but about one year later the acne came back. I think It's because I wasn't taking a strong enough dosage. I'm now 6' 165lbs, and now take 60mg/day. Back then I only took like 20mg/day, or at the most 40mg/day. I will probably be finishing up this round at the last month with 80mg/day to give it a strong finish. Has anyone taken this terrible/amazing thing for 3 times? or more?