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  1. ruffo777

    My Story

    dude.. dont try accutane may give bad side effects.... what happened to oracea? did it work? I have quite some acne too.. stubborn... cystic like and inflammated... my derm wants me in orace but i find it quite not appealing for the price and being just as simple as doxy just because of the extended release... let us know why no oracea for you and why accutane?
  2. yeah, its freaking expensive not that I couldnt afford such expensive medications... sure I don't like the idea of giving away my money for a medication that the main active component cost like 70 bucks... (40 pills of 20 mg generic doxy) compared to the 300+ price and from what i read 30mg is relesed immediately... just like if you did take a 30 mg generic pill.. and the remaining 10 during the day I am making a plan but may need some volunteers... get the generic 40 x 20mg take 1 in the m
  3. True, there wont be much money if acne is cured... Unfortunately I doubt the pharma industry will find a cure for such a common condition that gives them a bunch of money.... probably the topical will be just weak for helping people with mild cases... just like the other new drugs on the market... solodyn doryx oracea... all have a common antibiotic but they sell them as if they were discoveries just because of their extended release....
  4. Just did ALA+ blue light. 70 mins incubation and 16 mins exposure... damn it burned a bit when they applied the ALA and burned more when they expose me to the lighe... now just chillin indoors a bit sitning and hot but nothing untolerable.. the procedure was wash face ala light sunscreen. hope this finally works... :-/
  5. Hi, well I have stubborn acne, pretty much now concentrates in my cheekbones as imflammated pustules that hardly develop a head and cystic type in the jawline/neck... not so many but enough to keep me down... Ive suffered acne since teenager but at that time it wasnt that bad and the derms I had pretty much kept it under control with antibiotics and creams.... It was when I hit 24 that all went crazy with the cystic type on the jawline that starts like painful swollen bumps and then they get h
  6. OK acne sufferers. This little device wont work and if it does its too much for the price, the inventor or companies that produce this didnt discovered anything that wasn't out there in the medical community. 1. too small for treating entire face/neck 2. spectrum seems to be off the recommended for killing the bacteria 3. it is not an stand alone treatment, you have to use the wash and cream/gel that comes with it...so thats really fishy. 4. ~200 bucks for that tiny stuff... please 5. research
  7. Interesting post. I actually kind of the same, thought I went through accutane and had to stopped it cause it was damaging my liver. Well.. did accutane for 2 months and increase my breakouts like crazy..... pustules, cyst, etcetc that left scars around my jawline and cheekbones. The at the beginning of april/may i will start getting some breakouts like mild pustules (imflammated) but was like 2 at most so i didnt care much. Finally by the end of June i saw the increase in oil on my face, I
  8. Bactrim worked well for me, but as any antibiotic it works for short time plus the side effect like killing good bacteria that may be fighting acne bacteria... you see? check my profile, now exploring laser treatments... tried everything under the sun Currently doing holistic treatment, probiotics, anti inflammatory diet and so... try it... R
  9. Hey there, Well kind of sever but you may give a shot some other treatments. I am trying anti inflammatory foods... ie NO corn made or corn, flour, potatoes, fry food, tomatoes, wheat, bread, etc...drink lots of water. wash face 2x day... seek for a derm help... I went onto accutane and it was bad for me... left scarring on my jawline and i may try some laser treatment to see if acne gets away for sometime and help with the scars.. good luck R
  10. Started in july 08 and stopped mid september cause blood test wernt good. crazy IB for the whole duration july-september. Left me scars on my jawline. Recently i noticed the scars to be swelling... maybe breaking out underneatch..yucks... Probably some problems with my muscles but still think is something else... Now in PDX, suggestions? R
  11. I have also been asked by my derm to stop accutane. I was finishing my third month and was about 70% of the treatment. my AST is 93 out of the 5-30 IU/L range and my ALT is 96 out of the 7-56 IU/L range My derm asked me to have another blood test in 3 weeks to see if my liver enzymes levels go down. R
  12. I took 120pills, 40 mg each and I weight 65kg. My IB lasted until 3 weeks ago, so went all through middle of mu third month on it. I am so sad that I wont finish the treatment, specially now that it started to control my breakouts and healing was clearly seen.
  13. Hi all, Well, I have just stopped taking accutane when I was at about 70% of the treatment. My blood test revealed that my liver enzymes increased anbd my derm ask me to stop before more damage happens. I will have another blood test in a few weeks to see if I am back to normal and then we will see. I asked my derm if a lower dose may be better and he thought it may not work either and stopping for good is the only option... anyways I will see in a few weeks. Have any of you stopped accut
  14. OMG, actually I think the doxycycline is helping with the inflammation a lot, worry if I stop I may break out even worse.. help..........! R
  15. any of you have stopped accutane for a couple of days or 3? would it interfere the treatment? My derm forgot to update my ipledge so I have to call him and ask him to do it asap. R