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  1. Did you break out or what? And how long u had to wait after accutane before starting it. I am using it for 2 days now and everything seems to be fine so far. I am only using minimal quantity for the entire face like half of pea size.
  2. I was on Accutane for 5 months between April and August. And all throughout the course I was using Regaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil to combat my hairloss, not from Accutane but genetic. I must say Regaine is by far the best product in the market I am only 24 so I cant talk about other products just because I havent used them. But Thanks to regaine I am getting almost all my hair back slowly after about 9 months into it. Regaine claim 3/5 Men will get their hair back in 12 months so fingures c
  3. Lips normally do get very dry during the course of accutant. Best thing I used whilst on the treatment was Vaseline. The rule is keep sticking it up all the time. Maybe everyother hour and you'll get juicer lips than ever . Also have alot of water all the time just keep hydrating yourself and hence the lips.
  4. Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone of you have been on Retin-A post Roaccutane. Could you please tell me if it had been effective for you. I ended my treatment sometime end of August and for past few weeks I am getting these tiny white heads which are adding up everyday. On this other forum someone suggested me to use Retin-A so I came up with these questions and thought maybe you guys can advice me on it. And also do I expect to break-out initially? BTW i was on 40mg/day for 5 months. Your respo
  5. I hope that is the case what I ll do is wait for couple of weeks, if its like a few whiteheads per week I think ill live with that coz having had worst acne pre accutane I can live with these minute things at ease. But if it exagurates I must use retin-a asap. Thanks for your replies ppl. I really really appreciate it.
  6. Hiya. Thanks for a quick reply. I am not using anything at the moment. Is RETIN A good enough for mild acne? any side affects with it? Do I use it all over my face or just the affected area?
  7. Hi there. Its bit devastating when you dont see an immediate affect on Roaccutane on your ACNE rather it just aggrevates it initially. But I do encourge you should not despair at any ony point and stick on your prescription. I started breaking out 3rd week into Accutane and by the end of 10th week I was 80% clear and 90% by the end of the course. Your body is just adjusting to an external elemant that is messing with your glands, it takes time to syncronize with it. I believe one more month of a
  8. Hi everyone. I started Roaccutante for my moderate but persistant Acne back in April for 5 months that ended in August. I was crystall clear for about 2 months, I had the od whitehead every now and then which didnt really bother me. But since last week the whiteheads kept on multiplying every day I could see my face in the mirror with alot more than yesterday even though they are these teny tiny things which just go away with a scrub but still I was expecting my skin to be clearer for a longer t
  9. Hiya. I was on Roaccutane (40mg/day) for 5 months April-August. At the end of the course I was about 90% clear for about 2 months. And the reason I am back on Acne.org is I have started breakout since last week. It was a couple of whiteheads which kept on multiplying everyday. This morning when i got up I had about 7-8 of them. They are very tiny but still worth discussion. What do you guys recommend??
  10. hey guys . i am coming off tane in about 2 weeks from now. I am 100% clear now. Just need some advice as to which treatment to go for after the tane course. I got alot of red marks on my cheeks and a few ice picks? and yeh do i need to wait for a certain period before proceeding with scar treatment?
  11. Heyy guys!! I am posting here after a long time , infact its been 2 months. The fact was I did'nt really need to log on to this site coz you guys have been amazing and helped me with every single problem i had during the course of this treatment and now when its almost coming to an end I thought I would just keep all of you updated about the results/side affects etc. First of all the good NEWS I am 100% acne free today @ 18/07/05 after about 14 weeks from the start of my treatment in April. I
  12. Hiya. I am in week 7 (40 mg/day) . i had an identical fear like yours when I started taking tane last month. Infact theres this forum with title ""fear of initial breakout is killing me" you can find loads of tips and encourgement there. I am glad I made it through , week 3 - week 6 was the most horrid period of my life. In a nutshell I would say I just couldnt go out of my room until and unless there was an absolute neccassity. Cysts after Cysts and boy they were humongous. I am not trying to s
  13. Hiya . . I have been on roaccutant (20mg x 2 / day) for a month now. I had a terrible breakout and just managing to come out of it. I had the obvious side affects like nose bleed, dry lips and hands. Also I have been suffering from some serious sore throat for past 2 weeks, does any of you gone through it whilst on accutane? and do you think it could be related to tane? your reply will be appreciated