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  1. I never usually say things like this on here but frankly your post disgusts me. How you can even remotley begin to say that you would rather die of lung cancer is beyond me. I appreciate your upset by acne. i am too, believe me I have questioned my existence several times, but to say what you have said is utter nonsense. I defy anyone who has watched a human being slowley ravaged by cancer to ever wish that disease on their worst enemy let alone themselves!. it makes acne look like a walk in t
  2. Hey kids, just wondering, does anyone think that running and exercise (which obviously leads to sweating) causes acne? I stopped running and i really want to start again but im worried my acne will get worse! and if it gets worse i am going to have to start to crush up my accutane and snort if through a £20 note!
  3. check my post out on this board. i just started having sex with this girl i know and every time i do i wake up in the morning and my normally oil slick skin is bone dry! like normal/low sebum production. the nights i dont have it i wake up in chip pan mode! i have been at it a bit recently and it really helps my skin! just my experience... and mate... not wanking for 4 months is sick sort that out mate.... thats far too heavy! DD
  4. Beep Beep! Its me again... last night... invited her round to my house... candles, wine, some soft music.... and... you guessed it... more of the good stuff! my performance was particularly impressive... for the record. and this morning..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE....... BONE DRY! NO OILY SKIN! BONE DRY I TELLS YA! i fell to my knees in the bathroom like the guy on the front cover of the platoon dvd. and MrsZ - I love the fact you used the word ERGO.... Bravo! BRAVO!
  5. well kids.... you will be pleased to know that i had another epic session of sex last night... this morning i woke up... BONE FUCKING DRY SKIN AGAIN! holy shit! i cant believe it. i am going to marry this girl - even though she isnt really that hot. i am serious. she is my cure to this acne... true love... pshhhh who needs it! i can always have an affair! but for the time being im drying out due to increased sex. i dont know how, or why but it works. listen boys and girls... dont buy a gra
  6. I wrote a post a small time ago mentioning that the morning after an extra pleasant, and very rare night of sex that i woke up and my normaly oil slick of a face was bone dry. i have acne purley becasue my face pours with grease 24/7...its the oil and sebum that causes the acne if i am right in thinking and i am convinced that sex alters the hormones to reduce this sebum production! maybe its just my case as i know everyone is different, but here is the thing.... i managed to negotiate my way
  7. kissing someone is extra pleasant its incredible how many fit girls are terrible at kissing i never feel guilty... but then i am from the UK and all we do here is drink and fuck each other all of the time. its great but the weather is shit.
  8. hey, dont worry too much. at least you have it under control. i have much worse red marks than you and i still get new spots it sucks... im 28. how bad is that! just try and be positive
  9. OK, quick question I read that androgens/sex hormones can be a key factor in acne. you can get medication that reduces or balances them to combat acne. also when women take the pill it often clears or worsens acne so its obviously true the other night i was in the luxurious and somewhat rare position to be in bed with a female... please...no laughing! i know its hard to believe! anyway, when i woke up in the morning, apart from having an extra large grin on my face i noticed that my skin was
  10. i know what you think man. its sick, i am so utterly gutted by my acne... i am 28 now and i never had acne at all until 6 months ago. i actually got this shit litterally overnight.... and i cant shift the red marks! its so utterly ridiculous! i had an incredible life at the start of this year. now its all gone! thats what i thought... a few months back i was gutted so much i went to the hospital to see a derm. within 10 minutes i had 6 months supply of accutane in my hand. i havent used it yet
  11. i have been thinking about this alot... i used to get spots after i shaved - it was like a guarantee... but then i had an idea. every morning i wake up, i goto the bathroom. foam up and shave... when i thought about what i was doing i freaked out... overnight my skin obviously gets oily and i am desperate for a wash in the morning. I now wash my face before i shave then foam up and shave. i remove all the dirt from my skin so i am not shaving and effectivly dragging deeper into the pores of my s
  12. if you have acne you need radiohead it will make you feel like complete shit i love that i saw them in manchester recently amazing
  13. i told one girl that if she ever spoke to me again or looked at me again i would lock her and her entire family in her house and set fire to it and watch them all burn i never saw her again what prompted me to go to such extreemes was the following comment "do you realise you have bad skin" fucking crack head
  14. why would anyone have faith in something they dont know exists. if you believe in him... then i presume you are going to ask him.. when you finally meet him (god)... why the hell he gave you a life with acne. D
  15. people like to look good because its easier to get chicks that way and dont blame us guys for that... your the ones who are so picky!